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Darken Skin Tone in Three Minutes

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Jun 21

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How to Darken Skin Tone

Today we’re editing Scott Crumley’s image!

First we’ll start off by removing a pole out of the background because its distracting. Usually this can be done pretty easily with a clone stamp and the right brush settings.

The first way to darken skin can be done with an adjustment layer. We’ll use Selective Color to alter certain colors, bringing down the reds and adding a little bit of yellow. Then bring down the magenta and cyan. This isn’t a perfect solution but will work.

Next step is to make a new layer and go to Select- Color Range. That will load the red into a selection, and once we make a new Curves Adjustment Layer it will load that as a layer mask.

I’ll try dragging down each color to see the results. The reason I go into each color channel is to give more control over which tones are getting darker. Curves are a great tool!

Episode Timeline

  • 0:35- Removing the pole
  • 2:10- Using Selective Color adjustment layer
  • 2:45- Making a selection with skin tones
  • 3:13- Using Curves
  • 3:30- Adjusting each color
  • 5:00- Before and After
  • 5:30- Newsletter today

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  • Alfonso

    I totally respect Aaron, and his all staff, I still think this website / community is one of a kind…


    The quality of your daily is drastically dropping, and some are obviously rushed as never before~!

    I’m sure so many things are happening at the PHead Quarters and so much is going to be pulled off our sleeve that you’ll prove me wrong, but I fear that the overall quality of your daily is dropping a bit.

    And don’t get me wrong I do love your interns and I’m so thankful to their work, and still excited about the new photographer section~!

    Thank you for listening

  • Tom Simone

     Not so long ago Aaron asked for feedback on the daily videos and nearly everyone said they should be shorter.

    I always thought the dailies were too good, and had too much content, which meant there was little reason to buy the Phlearn Pros.

    The amount of free content here is remarkable, but for Aaron to continue doing it obviously requires Phlearn to be a good business too, so for me it’s perfectly understandable that the dailies are shorter and content is delivered more quickly.

  • Republic311

    I agree with Tom. I LOVE the dailies and i hope he keeps them going! Great work to the entire Phlearn Fam.

  • Mark boucher

    Very interesting:)

  • Alfonso

    Hi everyone, I’ve started this thread and I would like to add, that, I highly look forward to future PROs, and I’m sure this is a transitory moment for Phlearn, which will surely find its own shape…

    I only hope that shorter or longer, the dailies don’t loose on quality, and I’d like as well to see some new addition to the photography session, on top of the photoshop one~!

  • Isaiah Vaba

    now how to take away a tan?

  • Elly

    Can that ‘control+option’ brush shortcut work on CS5?

  • Elly

    Can that ‘control+option’ brush shortcut work on CS5?

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