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How to make Lady Gaga Bad Romance Eyes

Category: Photoshop, Styling, Video
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Oct 11

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In today’s episode we cover how to create Lady Gaga’s googley-eyes from her Bad Romance video using a few Photoshop tricks.

In this tutorial we will cover how to enlarge your eyes. There are a couple of important things to keep in mind when doing this. The first is that you don’t want to distort the pupil because if done improperly it’s an unrealistic indicator. The second is to keep a natural proportion of the eyelids so the eyes don’t look out of place. Using liquify we shape the eyes correctly, and also enlarge the iris’ to the same degree using the transform dialog.

Don’t forget to share your version by using your own photo and applying this effect. We’d love to see what you come up with!

  • Jeni

    My poor daughter….she’s get all the experiments done on her photos. lol

    btw….Aaron, your silliness always cracks me up!!!!!

  • Yo MAMA

    You should have been a plastic surgeon  HAHA

  • Beth Duri

    Aaron thank you for the great entertainment and education rolled into one. I seriously look forward to watching phlearn everyday. Weekends I find myself forgetting and looking for a new episode ;)  Love you and your crazy self!!!

    Since Halloween is coming up I did this creepy self portrait. I made my head huge and enlarged my eyes. I just enlarged them even more now that you showed us the lovely bloat tool!! woo hoo you rock.

  • Anan Adnan

    LOL please dont cover your eyes again the poor girl have crazy eyes now LOL at least do some holes in it 
    but good job for a covered eyes thank you for lighting up my day :)  

  • Si6665

    So if this takes this long to do on a single image, how long did it take to do Lady Gaga’s video, is there a video editing tool that will do this for you once programmed to do so, or did they have to take every single frame and edit them individually and how did they ensure consistancy of eye shape and size. The mind boggles

  • Alex Kemsley

    Could you please make a tutorial this week on how to accentuate a spine like she does in her Bad Romance video. Or how to create her famous orbit in Photoshop?

  • Alex Kemsley

    Adobe After Effects has a fish eye plugin that can track movement. A friend of mine actually worked on the set and told me this program wasn’t used but it was the closest available to us.

  • Hassnal Adam Sulaiman

    Great episode… i’ve tried doing the same in the past (obviously just a trial and error)… but wasnt successful. My problem was the pupil/iris being too distorted. so i gave up. :(

    now i know how to sort that bit out…. i can re-do it. yay! :D

  • Priscilla Lumbreras Fernández

    You are totaly crazy!… but the thing is… you are the best teacher I ever had!

  • Beth Duri

    I second what Alex is suggesting I’d love to learn how do either of these.

  • Hassnal Adam Sulaiman

    oh yes yes please Aaron! :D

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