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Achieve the impossible.
Do you believe in magic? Make others believe too.
Replace a Sky, Get Color and Light Perfect.
Keep Every Pore Intact
Bring an imaginary best friend to life.
Skin retouching is an essential part of your workflow.
Master Light and Color on Two Amazing Images!
Glowing skin from the inside-out
Add a sky, create drama, and color like mad.
Create the Perfect Composite.
Re-Create a Classic.
PRO Training
Designed to get you up and running.
Learning a program as vast as Photoshop can be frustrating and time consuming, but it doesn't have to be. Photoshop 101 covers everything you need to know to get comfortable working in Photoshop.

* This course is built to help people get up and running in Photoshop. If you already feel very comfortable with Photoshop, check out Photoshop 201
This tutorial picks up where Photoshop 101 left off, going deeper into Photoshop and teaching essential tools and processes for power users.

Join us as we edit two images from start to finish and cover every detail in between.
PRO Retouching
Perfect skin. Every time.
We take you from start to finish on 3 different images, covering everything from retouching, object removal, lighting effects, creating texture, coloring and more!

Bonus: Included lighting videos and 3d models for 5 images as well as a "lessons learned" video.
You will learn how to cut someone out of their background perfectly, retouch a full body photo, create hair from scratch, stylize and dodge and burn skin, shape a body and so much more!

Join Phlearn for this special retouching tutorial covering skin smoothing, body shaping, adding glow to skin, and much more!

The included image and special retouching brush will get you up and running in no time.
This comprehensive tutorial is like Two PRO Tutorials in One. Come on set with world renowned food, beverage, and product photographer Rob Gimm as he takes you through the entire photographic process, then join Aaron in Lightroom and Photoshop to bring everything together.

With over 2:30 hours of video, you are going to learn everything from concept, lighting, creating special effects, camera settings, retouching, compositing and more!
Join us as we take you through the entire process of a photo shoot from lighting, posing, working with models, camera settings, creating a concept, building a shot, and post production for Four Images

These Photoshop Tutorials don't just teach you the How, but they also cover the Why. That means these concepts are universal and will apply to your images as well, even if you never shoot a nude in a studio.
We are Introducing one of the world's top food and beverage photographers to Phlearn and taking you through step by step of his entire photography process.

If you are looking to become a great food and beverage photographer this PRO will blow you away and place you miles ahead of the competition.
Creating a pinup image is a great way to learn retouching, dodging and burning, body shaping, coloring, texturing and more. We even include high resolution textures for you to use on your own images.

Join us for this advanced two part tutorial taking our image from camera to pinup!
FREE just for signing up for the Phlearn Newsletter. Retouch this amazing beauty image to perfection while learning how to master the pen tool, dodge and burn, create highlights, color, sharpening and more.

This exclusive PRO Tutorial is yours free just for signing up for our newsletter!
Create a stunning portrait and learn skills that you can use to enhance any of your images including working with advanced color modes. Included textures and brush will make the job easier than ever before.

Take your images to the next level and learn to master LAB mode!
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Learn how to manipulate your subject to bring our their best features, making anyone look amazing in no time. This PRO Tutorial is designed to make your images great in as little time as possible.

We always focus on why you make certain changes, that way your knowledge is not limited to a specific photo. We give you the skills and knowledge you need for a lifetime of improvement.
Learn how to edit in the style of successful commercial portrait photographers, including unique techniques on dodging and burning.

A Free included lighting diagram will help you get this look in camera, and the 1:30 HR Photoshop tutorial explains exactly how to complete it.
Free custom brush included that is made for this type of retouching. it is going to make professional retouching so much easier.

Learn how to analyze a face in order to determine how to retouch.
This tutorial covers everything you need to retouch a portrait. Often clients will want an image retouched to represent the best side of the subject.

If you are not doing it yourself, you may have to pay someone to do it. That gets really expensive..Save time and money by learning retouch for yourself.
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PRO Special Effects
Create anything. Amaze everyone.
This Phlearn PRO Tutorial focuses on special effects and includes how to create custom brushes, light rays, color flares and more.

Learn how to combine 12 images together seamlessly to create an awesome final photo!
Creating realistic fire in a photo can be very difficult, in this tutorial we share the trade secrets of exactly how to do it.

Fire images are included for you to use on your own photos!
Learn how to light an image, remove clothing, blend skin into objects, add light sources, retouch skin and more.

You will learn some great techniques on how to blend objects together, while keeping detail, and adding realistic transitions.
If you have ever needed to cut someone out of their background and place them onto a new one, this tutorial is perfect for you.

We cover very advanced techniques for cutting objects out, and creating amazing layer masks. We also go over some special techniques for matching color.
Learn how to take the texture from backgrounds and wrap it over your subject in this Phlearn PRO Tutorial. We discuss important concepts such as lighting, blending, colorizing, and more.

You will learn concepts in this tutorial that will allow you to blend any object into it's surroundings.
This is one of our most requested images for Phlearn PRO. This is a great class covering many advanced topics, and some hard Photoshop Techniques. We go over the lighting behind the images and the concept from beginning to end.

PRO Compositing
Create worlds. Defy possibility.
This Intermediate Photoshop Tutorial covers cutting out your subject, creating a background from scratch, making a custom background and advanced sharpening.

Use the included "Background Brush" and 15+ Textures to bring this image to life.
$34.99 $24.99
Learn how to composite over 20 images to create a final image that pushes your idea of reality.

This special 4:10 Hr long Photoshop tutorial covers compositing, coloring, using actions and brushes, light blending, adding planets, animals, subjects, buildings and more.
$34.99 $24.99
Learn both retouching and compositing in this amazing tutorial combining many different photos to create a spectacular image!

Learning the techniques included in this PRO Tutorial will give you the confidence to master your own product shot as well as inspire you to push the boundaries of what you can do in post production.
In this PRO Tutorial we take you on set with a world class food and beverage photographer, a professional food stylist and a quirky retoucher(Aaron) to create this amazing image.

You will learn about everything that goes into a shoot like this including the lighting, styling, shooting, retouching, compositing and more!
Sometimes you try your best and your photos still come out boring. In this Advanced PRO Photoshop Tutorial we show you how to photograph and composite your subject onto a new background to make your image really stand out.

From retouching and compositing to special effects and coloring, this PRO Tutorial has it all!
In this 2:40 HR very advanced Photoshop tutorial we cover every detail in creating a realistic composite from advanced selections, exposure and color blending to stylization and creating custom brushes.

BONUS: Free included brushes, compositing action and light flare textures!
Every night when the boy falls asleep his best friend Bakster comes to life and they go on imaginary adventures. Make these dreams become a reality with this special 2:45 hour advanced Photoshop Tutorial.

Free included compositing action and 3 Photoshop brushes make creating composites easier than ever!
Anything you can imagine you can create. From building a background made of many different photos to creating a mermaid, this 3:30 hour advanced Photoshop Tutorial has it all.

Bonus included action specially designed to make compositing your images together easily!
This special 3:30 hour Photoshop Tutorial is guaranteed to launch your knowledge to a whole new level! Join us as we create an entire image from scratch, incorporating over 20 photos, CG wings, lighting effects and perpective creation.

Free behind the scenes video included explaining light setup, shooting on a green screen, matching perspective for a composite, camera settings, shooting tethered, and more!
In this INTERMEDIATE Photoshop Tutorial, you will learn secrets for creating a glowing light, compositing multiple exposures and creating a scene.

You will learn every detail necessary to go from beginning to end in this special compositing and lighting tutorial!
This is one of our most requested images for Phlearn PRO. This is a great class covering many advanced topics, and some hard Photoshop Techniques.

We go over the lighting behind the images and the concept from beginning to end.
There are some secrets to making a composite perfect, and that is what this photoshop tutorial is all about. We go over every detail on how to take an image that was shot in a studio and put it in a new background seamlessly.

You will learn an amazing technique developed specifically for this tutorial on sizing your subject perfectly every time.
The BIG selling point on any image like this is always how much depth you can create. If you look at an image and it really seems to go off into the distance, you are far more likely to believe it.

It would have been hard enough to make an image of a girl underwater with jellyfish, but we wanted to take it a step further and do something that no one has ever done. Make the jellyfish actually LIGHT the model.
In this PRO Photoshop Tutorial, we cover everything from the photo shoot, lighting, methods during the shoot, as well as the Photoshop.

In this tutorial, we talk about the important things to think about when lighting someone for a specific look.
If you have ever needed to cut someone out of their background and place them onto a new one, this tutorial is perfect for you.

We cover very advanced techniques for cutting objects out, and creating amazing layer masks. We also go over some special techniques for matching color.
PRO Perfect Color
Perfect color. Every time.
Learn how to manually create and combine exposures to get details in highlight and shadow to produce a dynamic image.

Replace a sky, extend the frame, remove distractions, create great color, add light sources, learn to paint by hand and more!
Learn how to add clouds and dramatically alter the sky of your images to bring depth and mood, even if there is a tree in the way.

This Intermediate Photoshop tutorial covers everything you need to know about coloring and stylizing an image.
Add amazing color to your images and create something that is sure to stand out from a sea of images!

Join us as we edit two images from start to finish and cover every detail in between.
Learn how to perfect color as we cover two amazing images from start to finish! Every light and color explained in a way that will make you able to bring drama and interest into every image you create.

Whether it is placing you above your competition, making brides happier, or bringing a Film Noir series to life, these techniques are universal.
Fashion images often involve a lot of color subtlety, it is what sets them apart from editorial images. Most of the time, the highlight and shadow colors have been completely changed.

In this photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to to take a normal photo of a plant, cut it out of it's background, color it correctly, blur it, and add it to the foreground of another image.
You will learn how to cut a person out of their background including getting the difficult parts like hair. We cover the most important parts about replacing a sky in a photo including lighting and color.

Not only do we include 12 free High Resolution Textures, but we also go in detail on how to use them with any image!
In this special wedding PRO Tutorial, we cover how to edit 2 different images, adding color and style to each. Learn how to add textures, blurs, and light to an image making it appear more romantic.

Bonus: 8 Free Textures, 1 Brush, and 3 Curves Included.
Never before has there been a Photoshop Tutorial like this one. Created with help from the Phamily, this image is a part of us all. In this very in depth tutorial we cover every single step from choosing images to coloring, and adding amazing distortion effects.

If you have ever wanted to achieve the impossible, this Photoshop tutorial will get you closer to it than anything else. Every single pixel of this image has been altered significantly to produce a stunning result.
Join Phlearn to take on a very difficult composite image. If you have any issues with compositing, the techniques covered in this in depth tutorial are sure to help you.

In this advanced Photoshop Tutorial, we cover how to create a background, and what is important in a photo shoot to make sure your subject will blend into it. You will learn how to add atmosphere to a photo, how to change light directions, how to match colors, how to create shadows & more.