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PRO Nude Flying Fairy
Difficulty: Advanced , Length: 3:00 HR
• Create a Background
• Cutting Everything Out
• Custom Brush Included
• Fog and Atmosphere Tricks
• Learn Composition
• Make Amazing Reflections

Never before has there been a Photoshop Tutorial like this one. Created with help from the Phamily, this image is a part of us all. In this very in depth tutorial we cover every single step from choosing images to coloring, and adding amazing distortion effects.

If you have ever wanted to achieve the impossible, this Photoshop tutorial will get you closer to it than anything else. Every single pixel of this image has been altered significantly to produce a stunning result.

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PRO Tutorial: Nude Flying Fairy
PRO Texture: Smoke and Fog

PRO Photoshop Tutorial

In this 3:00 HOUR Advanced Photoshop Tutorial, you will learn so much your head is likely to explode. Luckily, you can watch it as many times as you want to. We start off by cutting everything in the foreground out, and completely rebuilding the background. We extend the canvas, add more trees, create a completely different sky, add atmospheric fog, blur, and color everything. That is just the background.

We cover in detail how to cut trees out, and what to look for in photographing them. Adding trees back into your image as we have done here can be very difficult, but we have developed methods of making them quickly conform to the scene by altering light and color as well as edges.

pro photoshop tutorial Fairy Full Edit

BONUS: Custom Fog Brush Included

Included in this Photoshop Tutorial is a FREE CUSTOM BRUSH, specialized for creating fog and atmosphere. We cover the best ways to achieve these effects and how to get the most out of your brushes.

photoshop tutorial pro fairy fog details

Photo Shoot

This photo shoot was absolutely crazy! Included in the download images is a behind the scenes photo that shows just was went on here. Although this image IS a COMPOSITE, the photos of the model were taken and lit on location. In the original idea of the shoot, we wanted her to be floating off of the tree on the left of the original shot. To get our lighting right, I had to go out on a limb (literally).

Holding a light stand with a light on the end of it, connected to a vagabond that was wrapped around my neck, I was also triggering the camera and light remotely via Pocketwizards. Not to mention all this happened over water, at dusk, in the cold. The model was also nude in a public park. EXCITEMENT.

Custom Distortion Mapping

Custom what what?? Great question. What happens when you want to add a reflection to water, but need it to look like it is FLOWING with the water? Water moves, has waves and ripples, and so do reflections on water. Very few people can make this happen, and now you are going to be one of them. Learn how to create your own custom maps that can be used to define exactly what type of waves you would like to create in water.

pro photoshop tutorial fairy reflection

Fairy Dust

Everyone knows a fairy is nothing without fairy dust. Creating thousands of specks of dust, each unique to the others sounds like a very tedious task. We take the work out of the equation, and get you creating awesome effects much quicker than you thought possible.

pro photoshop tutorial fairy dust

Creating Depth

One of the hardest things to do in Photoshop is add depth to an image that wasn’t there. You can do that in a few ways, including adding an artificial blur to the background, or adding atmosphere to separate out layer of depth. In this Photoshop tutorial, we do both. What makes this process complex, is that you have to be able to add atmosphere IN FRONT OF some objects and BEHIND other objects. Because there is no real depth captured in a still photo, you can’t just tell fog to get in between something that is closer to the camera and something that is farther.

To accomplish this you have to have a solid knowledge in layering for depth. Lucky for you, we cover that too. Here is another great PRO Photoshop Tutorial that covers this well.

photoshop tutorial pro fairy Tree

Final Image

photoshop tutorial pro new sunset full image

  • Yo Mama

    It is so amazing to see the step by step images-very impressive

  • Ian Arneson

    I forgot, how long do we keep the Pro tutorials after we purchased them?

  • Eric Burgers

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  • Anthony Phung

    Downloading it right now. And I love the new download type.

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    It’s downloadable sooooooo forever. 

  • Aaron Nace

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  • Conny Wallström

    I am not seeing the custom brush in the download. Did you forget to include it or did I forget to download something? Looking forward to tonight when I am going to watch this! Thank you!

  • Aaron Nace

    Thanks Conny!

  • Petter Haugen

    WOW – really looking forward to enjoying this. 3hrs man!!! :-) The depth is awesome, and do I like to implement this in some future works? YES!!!

  • Rafael Javier

    Ha!!! Thanks – I’ve been looking for this PHLearn Pro….purchased and I am downloading now.

    Question:  PHLearn Pro are only downloaded?
    Are there future plans to have the option of both downloaded files and via vemio?

  • Aaron Nace

    Thanks Rafael, we are looking to partner with some hosting services that could offer both, we will be sure to keep you updated. Hope you enjoy the tutorial

  • Greg Brave

    I’ve already watched like 13 PHLearn pros and each time I tell to myself, that’s it, I won’t get the next one, because everything was already covered… but each time a new tutorial comes up, I can’t resist, and I get it, and its AWESOME!
    I guess I’m a PHLearn Pro junky :)

  • Aaron Nace

    Thanks Greg, I am too man, I just love seeing cool things happen in Photoshop. We really appreciate your love for the Phamily

  • Dmitriy Elyazov

    Thanks, Aaron! Great tutorial as always! I’ve learned some new technical termins like “Boo Blurage”. + for the joke! )) Keep going and bring us more new loooong and complex tutorials!
    PS How did you do that all?! And yes, I hate you! ))))))))))))))))) (joking) You’re the BEST!

  • Joseph McCarthy

    Downloading it now, looks like its gonna be great. love you Phamily!!! :D

  • Benjamin

    If i buy it now and watch it online can I download it later whenever I want? Im abroad now and not home untill 11 dec

  • Benjamin

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  • Benjamin

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    I hope I will be able to download it when I get back home?

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  • Aaron Nace

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  • ErstaF

    Aaron, I can’t seem to find the custom brush? 

  • Erstaferryanto

    Found it in the download link. 

  • Jenna Petrone

    I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your sillyness during this tutorial Aaron.  It helped make it more fun and it got many laughs out of me. =D

    As for this tutorial in general, I wrote down some pages of notes and not only did you teach me a bunch of new techniques and ways to go about problem solving, but it also inspired me.  Thank you for making such an awesome tutorial, I can’t wait to watch more of them!

  • Tammymcgeephotos

    Ersta.. May I ask what folder the brush was in I don’t see it either.:) Thanks

  • Tammymcgeephotos

    Just watched my first Phlearn Pro and was blown away. I took tons of notes and learned lots of new things. Thank you Aaron :) Only CC I have is I wish you would name your layers for these tutorials (and I know you won’t) it makes it easier when trying to follow along. I can’t always watch the changes your making and the layer your clicking off and on and grasp what one it is. May just be me though as I am not a pro by any means at PS. Can’t wait to play with it on my own!

  • Hayden Lihou

    Wow! Buy this! Watched this twice now and I’ve learnt so much from it. About to watch it again.

  • Sean

    You could have only included the background creation and it would still have been a great deal. Fantastic tutorial . . . now if only I could do everything on it as well as Aaron does.

    Great work Phlearn!

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Alan Grech

I have been a follower of Aaron’s work well before Phlearn ever took shape. I was overjoy...
More I have been a follower of Aaron's work well before Phlearn ever took shape. I was overjoyed when Phlearn was born. The website had single handedly revolutionised my way of learning photoshop. No more scouring for videos on youtube to learn or to find something interesting. Now I had a website where I could visit and learn something new every day. No re-hashed lessons like many other vloggers was 100% original content.

I was a bit let down when Phlearn decided to expand its content to miscellaneous rehashed articles found around the web and on a thousand other websites/blogs. It was no longer unique and no longer comprised of just original content. Your later decision to remove all that content from the website brought new hope that not all focused incredibly talented startups have to become run of the mill, a dime a dozen websites.

Phlearn Pros are also a great concept. I totally respect the business model and have purchased a few myself. The level of detail that can be found in these tutorials is nothing short of amazing. It's like discovering photoshop anew every time.

Something I would really love to see is one or multiple Phlearn Pro episodes where you use 3d modelling software either to create a concept or better still, to actually create assets for the final image. I have never tried using these kind of programs and having a photographer's introduction to these applications might make more sense to us than delving into video tutorials found on the net which are more targeted to hardcore 3d artists.

Thank you for all that you have done.

Dean Bradshaw

The internet is a wonderful thing. Without it, it would have been difficult for me to learn eve...
More The internet is a wonderful thing. Without it, it would have been difficult for me to learn everything that I have.

Aaron has created an amazing resource for people to learn Photoshop. It's a new world, and Phlearn is leading the way in teaching the next generation of image makers. Never stop learning!

Andrea Peipe

I had been editing with Photoshop for about 1,5 years already when I discovered Phlearn! It was...
More I had been editing with Photoshop for about 1,5 years already when I discovered Phlearn! It was pretty much at the beginning and if I remember correctly, I found out about it via Aaron's Flickr stream. It must have been around episode 25 or so and ever since then I have been hooked! I loved the old episodes and I love the news ones and I esp. love the Pro Tutorials because it makes you understand the magic behind it!

I used to watch tutorials on YouTube and could never really follow them too well so I gave up eventually, most of the time pretty frustrated because I wanted to improve my skills! Phlearn has showed me the inside secrets of Photoshop and how easy it can be if you know certain things! Thanks to Phlearn, I have improved to a whole new level and I will forever be grateful for that.

You rock, Aaron and Phlearn! <3

TJ Pippin

Phlearn takes you step by step on each video going back of items so that you dont have to keep ...
More Phlearn takes you step by step on each video going back of items so that you dont have to keep looking in a book. A friend first told me about Phlearn and he and I have told anyone we know about them at the time I was in a class on photography the instructor told all of us point blank that while we had to learn how to edit our own photos it that part of the class would be self study because she did not know how to use photoshop.

Using Phlearn I revamped their ideas with my own photos. I passed the class with an A. After the class I was asked by the instructor if I wanted to teach a photoshop class....My answer was I am told the photoshop part of the class has gotten a lot better then it was in my day all thanks to Phlearn.

Jessica Ginzel

I went to university for photography, and while I loved it there and learned a lot, what I lear...
More I went to university for photography, and while I loved it there and learned a lot, what I learned in the photoshop end came no where close to what Aaron's tutorials have taught me.

I have purchased more than half of the tutorials and have more often than not, came out with a whole bunch of new tips and techniques that I wasn't aware of or familiar with. I find myself saying out loud "holy crap that's so awesome" or "oh my god I wish I knew about Phlearn years ago" and other things of the like many times throughout the videos.

Aaron makes the tutorials even more entertaining by being silly and fun! I've had numerous laugh out loud moments. I highly recommend purchasing any and all of the tutorials!

Sergio Otero

First of all I must say that I don’t speak english very well (it’s not my native la...
More First of all I must say that I don't speak english very well (it's not my native language) but I'll try to explain myself. How PHLearn has changed my life? Well... Do you know the feeling of looking back and been ashamed of yourself? This is what it happens to me when I look my old photos. Phlearn has tought me a lot of usefull thing: blending, dodging, retouching... things that it could seem easy to do but that they aren't.

As a non-english-native I have to say that Aaron speaks very well, so it's easier for me to understand him. In addition, when he explains something, he doesn't tell you what you should do but he shows you. And, you know, it makes you feel relieved.

In conclusion, if you're thinking of buying some PRO Tutorials let me tell you something: "Stop thinking! Just buy it!" It's the best inversion that you could do. They're usefull and you're going to understand them quite well. And I'm sure that you will be able to make fantastic things soon!

Julia Kuzmenko McKim

I remember having Aaron’s images in my collection of inspirational artwork on my laptop w...
More I remember having Aaron's images in my collection of inspirational artwork on my laptop when I came to Australia to study Photography in 2008. I had no idea how that awesomeness could be created and was dying to find out. Needless to say, when Phlearn was born it was like a dream come true!

I absolutely love how Aaron is laid back and fun in his video tutorials, it just makes you feel like you're hanging out with a friend, who's teaching you some cool stuff - it's easy to comprehend, it's not tiring and every video is jam packed with golden nuggets of priceless information. The entire website is full of brilliant educational materials.

I wish Phlearn was created 5 years ago, it would have saved me a lot of time learning Photoshop!

Great job! The entire Phlearn team, you guys are amazing! Keep up the great work!

Jonas Forsberg

Phlearn serves great food for thought in the continuous strive to perfect the PS crafting What&...
More Phlearn serves great food for thought in the continuous strive to perfect the PS crafting ;)

What's most striking is the great bang for the buck. Quality equals those charging 5x for similar content...

Paul Frocchi

Newbie to Phlearn. But with these first two purchases, I’m confident Aaron and Phlearn wi...
More Newbie to Phlearn. But with these first two purchases, I'm confident Aaron and Phlearn will be added to my list of 'e-Mentors' who have helped me grow. I just purchased Vintage Action.

What I love about it (besides the look) is that Aaron has left the layers editable....allowing me to continue to make the image 'mine'. Rather than my feeling I've pressed a button and now it's someone else's work.... on top of mine. Thankyou for that Aaron!

Guillaume Megevand

I discovered Phlearn not so long ago. And I have to say I got totally addicted. I’v been ...
More I discovered Phlearn not so long ago. And I have to say I got totally addicted. I'v been watching all the Photoshop episodes since from the beginning. I learned so much new stuff. And I like the 10 minutes format. Easy to digest!

Today I got my 1st Phlearn Pro, the Film Noir. Can wait to watch it...

You rock Phlearn!
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