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PRO Glamour Portrait Retouching
Difficulty: Advanced , Length: 2:07 HR
• FREE Custom Brush
• Dodging & Burning
• Coloring Skin
• Advanced Sharpening
• 5 Retouch Methods
• Adding Realistic Makeup

Free custom brush included that is made for this type of retouching. it is going to make professional retouching so much easier.

Learn how to analyze a face in order to determine how to retouch.

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PRO Tutorial: Glamour Portrait Retouching
PRO Texture: Leaves and Sticks

PRO Photoshop Tutorial

Glamour Portrait Retouching is completely different than normal retouching. There is much less of a focus on the individual pore, and more on the image as a whole. Working with highlights and shadows, you will be able to sculpt a person’s face in a way that will look lighting look more dramatic, and a face more interesting.

In this PRO Photoshop Tutorial, you will learn how light falls on a face, and 5 different methods of enhancing that. We even introduce a fool-proof method, that will keep you from destroying the shape of a person’s face, while still allowing you to sculpt.

pro photoshop tutorial Glamour Retouch Process

Photo Shoot

A very special thank you to a great team of people who helped make this shot possible. Kim, Amber, Scot, Syed, & Zach. Everyone in the Phamily came together for a really great time, and a great learning experience.

We tried a few different ideas, and wound up grabbing my house plant and covering Amber with it. We also had a fan blowing on her to give her hair some movement, and somewhere between all of that and her contacts, her eyes started watering up.

No one could really see that she was crying, and she didn’t say anything, because she was being so professional as a model. I only noticed her tear when going through the images afterwords. Something like that, had to be paid attention to. Beauty and Sadness.

Enhancing Details

The point of good retouching is not to eliminate all the details of a person’s face, it is to ENHANCE them. If there are details you don’t want to be as visible, we cover how to take attention AWAY from them. For instance, you don’t want to remove all the pores on a person’s face, that would make them look less human. As you can see here, even in a very detailed area like the eye, you can ENHANCE the overall impression, while keeping the small details. You will even learn how to add detail in a person’s IRIS, if there was none in the original photo.

pro photoshop tutorial glamour retouch eyes

Coloring The Face

Have you ever wanted to add more color to lips, but they came out looking really fake? You are not alone, this can be very hard to do. In fact, I have only come across ONE METHOD (That I came up with BTW) That does this well. What happens when most people want to add more color to a specific area, is that they wind up accidentally destroying the natural color variations that exist. You never have to worry about that again.

pro photoshop tutorial glamour retouch lips

Coloring Appropriately

Using the information included in an image, you can go with many coloring options. You can make greens MORE YELLOW, or MORE BLUE. You can add RED to the shadows, and YELLOW to the highlights. You can DESATURATE the shadows, while leaving the highlights vibrant. The problem comes in when you need to know not only HOW, but WHAT and WHY. A slight change in hue or saturation can make or break a photo. Have you ever looked at a photo, and thought, HOW did they get those colors? Often times it is a difference of less than 10% in either direction that will make or break an image.

photoshop tutorial pro glamour retouch color

Even The Ears

It is not usually ONE thing that you do to a portrait that will make it stand out from the rest, but a combination of little things. Here we show a detail in the ear. We cover how to enhance even these areas of the face, and why that is important.

photoshop tutorial pro glamour retouch ear detail

Enjoy Your Tutorial!

Please let us know what you think of your new PRO Photoshop Tutorial. We are always working to give you the best Photoshop & Photography knowledge on the internet.

  • Maria Kanevskaya

    thank you for being so awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Great tutorial, I learned a ton and I followed along and produced a pretty darn good image for a first try! Thanks!

  • Aaron Nace

    Wonderful! I would love to see it

  • Willbremridge

    Hi Aaron. I’m probably being really dumb but how is it that your healing brush works (when you start to clean up her face) when you are on what looks like an empty new layer?

  • Kevin

    great tut.. definitely worth it, glad i took the advantage during your holiday sale.. even better, i used the techniques on recent work and they weren’t beauty/fashion (although i look forward to trying them out with my latest fashion shots).  thanks, aaron!

  • Al

    Hi Aaron, I’ve been so impressed coming back to your web site almost a year later and find it now the best place to learn and get inspired~! Keep up the awesomeness please…

    one question: If after buying a single tutorial i’d like then to “upgrade” to the full package for 79.99 would be possible having the 19.99 $ off ?

  • Bastian Forster

    Hey Aaron, do I need any further plugins like Nik Software or TopazLabs to get the result? In other tutorials I bought, this wasn’t mentioned and I got really upset. Thanks for your info in advanced. Greetings from Germany :)

  • Cali

    hey bastian, no you dont have to buy any other plug ins.. i just bought the beauty glow set.. it came with four tutorials.. and he gives you everything you need in a winzip file.. it is super easy and he his sooo much fun to work with.. he explains everything.. i want to buy this one next

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Natalia Osmolovskaya

I’ve been experimenting with Photoshop for 4 or more years now, and I found myself consta...
More I've been experimenting with Photoshop for 4 or more years now, and I found myself constantly using the same techniques which did not help me progress and did not make my photos look too realistic. After coming across Phlearn, joining the daily discussions in the episodes and getting a Phlearn Pro video, I realized how much more there is to Photoshop. The episodes opened my eyes to new ways of editing a picture and making it stand out. Aaron covers absolutely everything there is to know about the program!

The Flood Pro episode that I have purchased showed me the process of making an image (explanation of the light sources was very helpful), as well as the post production. I learned how to make the model look perfect yet natural, I learned about making a composite and how to create a mood for the picture, as well as many more ways of creating a photograph that I still use today.

I highly recommend getting a Phlearn Pro to anyone who is interested in taking their creativity to the next level!

Carrie Tucci

I have been using Photoshop for a few years, but have just started my first 365 self-portraitur...
More I have been using Photoshop for a few years, but have just started my first 365 self-portraiture project. Wow, It takes a lot of work to make me look like I want to look. Once I found Phlearn, it was like an addiction. There is so much useful information on the site, and Aaron is truely talented and amazing (and a little crazy).

After watching hours and hours of free videos, I downloaded the retouching pack from the Pro Tutorials. There is so much information in there about what to look for, how to fix it, some truly amazing techniques made simple. Now, I just have to figure out how not to end up with a blue face, but artistically, I don't think Aaron can teach me that. Just practice. I am at the beginning of my photography journey, but learning by leaps and bounds, thank you Phlearn, and Phlearn Pro Tutorials.

Mark Feliciano

I’ve been a Photoshop nerd since version 3, and I can tell you that I’ve had a love...
More I've been a Photoshop nerd since version 3, and I can tell you that I've had a love/hate relationship with PS since the very beginning. As powerful as it is, PS is also one if the most frustrating and difficult to learn pieces of software I have ever encountered. I used to think of myself as somewhat of a PS "guru", that is until I happened upon the Phlearn website. It was immediately obvious that despite his somewhat cavalier and funny exterior, Aaron was a guy who knew the in's and out's of PS like know one I had seen before.

After viewing countless free tutorials (hey, I'm cheap) I finally broke down and purchased several of the Pro Tutorials and let me tell you that I can unabashedly recommend these tutorials to anyone at any skill level. Anyone who wants to get the most out of PS and increase their productivity and creativity. I have rarely seen a person with a gift and passion for teaching like Aaron and I can honestly say that I have learned and applied something from almost every tutorial I have viewed: Something that cannot be said about every tutorial site I have used and there have been many!!

Thanks Phlearn, I'm better at what I love to do because of you guys!

Stefano Tealdi

I have a lot of PRO tutorials, and they are all fantastic. The basic phlearn is great, but in t...
More I have a lot of PRO tutorials, and they are all fantastic. The basic phlearn is great, but in the PRO tutorials Aaron goes much more in depth. In addition, in the PRO tutorials you can understand how to create a quality photo from the beginning to the end, and this allows also to understand the creative concept that there is behind all.

Some great skills in photoshop are explained and can be therefore applied to your shots. In one year, thanks to basic phlearn, but much more thanks to the PRO tutorials I bought, I reached a level in photoshop which I would have never thought I would have reached. :)

Sergio Otero

First of all I must say that I don’t speak english very well (it’s not my native la...
More First of all I must say that I don't speak english very well (it's not my native language) but I'll try to explain myself. How PHLearn has changed my life? Well... Do you know the feeling of looking back and been ashamed of yourself? This is what it happens to me when I look my old photos. Phlearn has tought me a lot of usefull thing: blending, dodging, retouching... things that it could seem easy to do but that they aren't.

As a non-english-native I have to say that Aaron speaks very well, so it's easier for me to understand him. In addition, when he explains something, he doesn't tell you what you should do but he shows you. And, you know, it makes you feel relieved.

In conclusion, if you're thinking of buying some PRO Tutorials let me tell you something: "Stop thinking! Just buy it!" It's the best inversion that you could do. They're usefull and you're going to understand them quite well. And I'm sure that you will be able to make fantastic things soon!

Nicola Taylor

I first came across Aaron before Phlearn, when he was teaching “Learn Photoshop Live,R...
More I first came across Aaron before Phlearn, when he was teaching "Learn Photoshop Live," and I can absolutely say that my development as a photographer would have been considerably slower if I hadn't found him.

I was studying photography at art school and our Photoshop teachers were just TERRIBLE. I learned more in one of Aaron's classes than I did all year at college and for just a fraction of the price! And I didn't just learn to copy other images. I learned solid techniques that I could use and adapt to create the images I had been dying to create but just didn't know how.

It was great to see some of the Learn Photoshop Live lessons being recreated as Phlearn PRO tutorials, making them even more accessible and affordable. They are phenomenal value for money and I'm always astounded by what I learn.

Eduardo Perez

I met Aaron at B&H in NYC for a free lesson on retouching a portrait and I was completely ...
More I met Aaron at B&H in NYC for a free lesson on retouching a portrait and I was completely blown away by his skills, his style and -of course- enthusiasm! Then I follow the guy on twitter and he announces that he's launching "something" called Phlearn! I give it a try and I became addicted to "phlearn" something new almost every day. Then, he launched the first Phlearn PRO and I became addicted once again. Nothing is left out, he tells you EVERYTHING he knows while he's doing it! You see him doing the stuff step by step, explaining it to you and then you do it and magic happens!! I actually keep notes with the minutes and seconds of the videos of stuff I like to keep for future references (like how to apply some make up or how to put light on a fairy's wings) :D

Phlearn PRO tutorials are phenomenal. Almost all I know in photoshop is thanks to those tutorials. I was completely lost before this, I had some skills but without direction and since Phlearn I've been able to apply Aaron's techniques to my own style and I'm more than satisfied with the results.

I gotta warn you, you'll get used to Aaron's energy and style and it's going to be hard for you to go back other tutorials from another artist.

Sami Saxon

I have been a photographer for almost 12 years, currently in grad school and have yet to encoun...
More I have been a photographer for almost 12 years, currently in grad school and have yet to encounter tutorials that blow my mind like Phlearn's. I am addicted to downloading tutorials, even if it's material I have learned at the academy.

Aaron's easy to follow videos are perfect for serious artist. I am currently a finalist in Canon Project imagination because of the material I have learned on this site.

Ray Miles

The quality of tutorials and content that is produced by Phlearn is second to none. After spend...
More The quality of tutorials and content that is produced by Phlearn is second to none.

After spending years watching tutorials on YouTube and buying expensive videos, I discovered Phlearn. The average Phlearn tutorial is much longer than any homemade YouTube tutorial. The content of each video is also much more in-depth.

It's unbelievable how many new things you can learn from each video. There's always a couple small things, that you pick up here and there, that you find yourself using all the time. This is in addition to all the extras that are included with the tutorials like brushes and actions.

The price point for videos in perfect, especially because I have paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars for 1-2 hour videos.

I am constantly telling my friends about Phlearn . I am found that both photographers and artists love it equally.

Sarah Allegra

I absolutely LOVE Phlearn. It is the #1 site I recommend to anyone wanting to learn about photo...
More I absolutely LOVE Phlearn. It is the #1 site I recommend to anyone wanting to learn about photography or Photoshop. There is just no comparison to the amount of information you get, the quality of it, and the entertainment you get along the way is a big bonus! Aaron Nace is a truly likeable person who very deftly explains sometimes complicated skills in a way that's very easy to grasp. I was good at Photoshop before I discovered Phlearn, but it has taught me SO MUCH. After nearly episode, I find myself exclaiming, "Holy shit, I had no idea!" about some technique or another.

I love the free episodes they make every week, but, my god, the Pro Tutorials are just unbelievable. I have purchased a number of them, including the Nude Flying Fairy and Dark Skies, and the trove of information you get for the price is just unbelievable. Aaron does a spectacular job at breaking down the steps of the photo, making what might seem like an overwhelming edit easy to digest in bite-sized chunks. The level of detail he goes into makes the techniques you learn in each tutorial applicable to any situation you might find yourself in.

You leave each tutorial feeling like a whole new world of Photoshop has been opened up to you that you never knew existed. And better still, if you find you can't quite remember how a particular bit was done, you can replay the video any time you need a refresher. Aaron's playful personality makes all these tutorials so fun; it's like a good friend is in the room with you, helping you understand the task at hand, and never judging.

In short, Phlearn is just THE BEST Photoshop/photography site around, period. After you go through a tutorial, your work will never be the same.
Random Tips

Pick up a Color Wheel and use it to create a color palette.