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PRO Professional Skin Retouching
Difficulty: Beginner , Length: 1:20
• Painting Skin
• Body Shaping
• Makeup in Photoshop
• Removing Blemishes
• Skin Coloring
• Pen Tool

This tutorial covers everything you need to retouch a portrait. Often clients will want an image retouched to represent the best side of the subject.

If you are not doing it yourself, you may have to pay someone to do it. That gets really expensive..Save time and money by learning retouch for yourself.

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PRO Photoshop Tutorial

In this advanced Photoshop Tutorial, you will learn how to retouch a person’s face while retaining important skin details. Not only do we cover how to do each step in the process, but we also talk about the WHY behind the steps. We cover the essential things that make a huge difference is retouching. It is common for people to retouch skin, but leave other important things undone, simply because they don’t know what is important to make a portrait look better. Not anymore.

pro photoshop tutorial retouch skin detail

Keeping Details

It is far easier to take someone’s face and blur it to oblivion and call it “retouched” than to take what exists and mold it into a smoother version of itself. One of the biggest telling points between a poorly done retouch, and a professional job, is the amount of detail. Keeping details in skin is probably the most important part of retouching. A person without any details left in their skin will come out looking like a mannequin. How to avoid that plastic blur is what we teach in this Advanced Photoshop Tutorial. We go over all the great methods used by professional retouchers to keep detail, while smoothing and reshaping a face.

pro photoshop tutorial retouch skin detail

Sculpting the Face

Skin retouching goes beyond smoothing the details that exist in the photo. In this tutorial, we cover how to actually sculpt a person’s face in order to make them appear more photogenic. These techniques are used in magazines and professional portfolios, and often photographers pay thousands to have their images retouched. We are not going to get into the morals of skin retouching here. Most clients want it done, and it will help keep you competitive. Most people don’t want to see the before image of themselves, but shown an image after a good retouch, and they will glow. Just be sure to ask your subject what they are comfortable with, and listen.

pro photoshop tutorial retouch sculpt

Staying True

As you can see here, the goal of a good retouch job is to make the person look like themselves. The subject should look at the end result and think to themselves “I look good in this photo”. If they are thinking “Who is THAT! Not Me!”, we are not doing our jobs correctly. There is a lot that can be done to clean up an image, with keeping the person looking like themselves. Retouching is often made up of many small details. On their own, they don’t have too much of an impact, but brought together can dramatically change a photo.

pro photoshop tutorial skin retouch process

Final Image

Skin retouching is a very delicate process, and doing it a few times is the best way to get the best result. Most people (including Aaron) have the tendency to over-do any effects or retouching done on a photo. This photo for example, is a bit more retouched than I would prefer. It is important here to show how far you can take a retouch, and from there allow you to decide how much to scale it back.

photoshop tutorial pro retouch final

  • Tom

    I bought this tutorial having watched a quite a few of Aaron’s free episodes, figuring it’d be nice to support him and that I could learn some ‘awesome’ stuff.
    IMHO, it’s well worth the £12 or so. For me, it’s very useful not only to learn techniques, but also to see how a retouching pro approaches something like this.
    Thanks Aaron, may you have continued success with Phlern.

  • Aaron Nace

    Thanks Tom!

  • Reem

    I won this tutorial and I’m so happy I did!
    tons of useful info
    and here’s a before and after

  • Sadi Junior

    This was the first time I paid for a Tutorial and worth every penny!  Thank you Aaron, and cos for your incredible work!

  • Thomas

    Im trying to buy your pro tutorial but i cannot get through paypal.. Any other way to pay?

    Paypal :
    “If you were making a purchase or sending money, we recommend that you check both your PayPal account and your email for a transaction confirmation after 30 minutes.
    If you came to this page from another website, please return to that site (don’t use your browser’s Back button) and restart your activity.
    If you came from PayPal’s website, click the PayPal logo in the upper-left corner to return to our home page and restart your activity. You might have to log in again.”

  • Thomas

    This is what I see the second I hit checkout.

  • Elo

    can’t get through paypal, keep getting an error message :(

  • Lonneke

    I really would like to buy this tutorial but my pay pal account is giving an error message… Can I buy it with credit card?

    Best regards,
    Lonneke Musch

  • Nihan Güven

    very nice ;)

  • Dave4321

    Can you list what topics are covered.  Does this teach frequency separation and dodge and burn techniques?

  • Timranby

    The price is still $24.99 when checking out with paypal??

  • Isaiah Vaba

    Thatd be cool if you did a discount on all of them for one day.  For the last few weeks its been discounts on ones ive purchased already :(

  • Aaron Nace

    Fixed it, thanks Tim!

  • Gabriel’hassan jicho pevu

    i want thiss tutorial plizzzzz

  • Gene Fox

    Just wanted to thank you for this awesome tutorial. Your teaching style is perfect. It can be so boring to watch someone do tedious work for 90 minutes, but you keep it fun and interesting. Not to mention you really know your shit too!

    Thanks brotha! Keep up the good work!

  • RJbaron

    Hi, I like the look of your tutorial and considering purchasing but just wanted a little more info on the processes you use, as I know a lot of tutorials use gaussian blur techniques which I find looks really fake. Do you teach frequency separation, dodge and burn and micro dodge and burn techniques? I look forward to your response.


  • Dexon Dee

    Can i buy this with credit card?

  • Sam

    Great video, informative and simple to follow.

  • Kristy Murphy

    Probably one of my favorite Pro Tuts. I’ll continue to pay just to hear your thought process alone.

  • Fuzzypiglet

    While I think the close-up images look okay, the full head shot images don’t look good at all, they look too blurry and overworked on the skin.

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Adam Elmakias

Phlearn got me out of my own slump. I was looking to learn some new PS skills but all the resou...
More Phlearn got me out of my own slump. I was looking to learn some new PS skills but all the resources online seemed to just be rehashed and reposted, then I found Aaron/ Phlearn.

I have learned a great deal from the site, but my favorite part is referring other people in a similar situation to the site.

Nicola Taylor

I first came across Aaron before Phlearn, when he was teaching “Learn Photoshop Live,R...
More I first came across Aaron before Phlearn, when he was teaching "Learn Photoshop Live," and I can absolutely say that my development as a photographer would have been considerably slower if I hadn't found him.

I was studying photography at art school and our Photoshop teachers were just TERRIBLE. I learned more in one of Aaron's classes than I did all year at college and for just a fraction of the price! And I didn't just learn to copy other images. I learned solid techniques that I could use and adapt to create the images I had been dying to create but just didn't know how.

It was great to see some of the Learn Photoshop Live lessons being recreated as Phlearn PRO tutorials, making them even more accessible and affordable. They are phenomenal value for money and I'm always astounded by what I learn.

Jose Duenas

I’ve just joined your great Phlearn community… and just bought my first Phlearn Pro...
More I've just joined your great Phlearn community... and just bought my first Phlearn Pro tutorial too... (The Last Athlete).

It was really great... In my learning experience, tutorials often goes up to 50 or 60% of the professional level you want to achieve (tech stuff, criteria, lightining, etc) ... the other percentage is totally up to you in your experience and perseverance in your work.... but it always seems to be certain PRO knowlege that is really hard to deduce... and it would take a large amount of hours (or days) to get there.

Although you always have to do your homework, this tutorials really give you that... specialized techinques and very practical ways to solve complex situations, and also... very important... they also train your eye and your brain to get a really good criteria to know what to look for in your images.

Thanks for your great work.

Bryan Dockett

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to Photoshop or if you’ve been using it for years...
More It doesn't matter if you’re new to Photoshop or if you've been using it for years Phlearn’s Pro tutorials will teach you something new and help you understand the how, when, why of using each technique taught.

I've been using Photoshop for more than 10 years and Phlearn’s Pro tutorial has been the absolute best learning resource I've encountered.

Andrea Peipe

I had been editing with Photoshop for about 1,5 years already when I discovered Phlearn! It was...
More I had been editing with Photoshop for about 1,5 years already when I discovered Phlearn! It was pretty much at the beginning and if I remember correctly, I found out about it via Aaron's Flickr stream. It must have been around episode 25 or so and ever since then I have been hooked! I loved the old episodes and I love the news ones and I esp. love the Pro Tutorials because it makes you understand the magic behind it!

I used to watch tutorials on YouTube and could never really follow them too well so I gave up eventually, most of the time pretty frustrated because I wanted to improve my skills! Phlearn has showed me the inside secrets of Photoshop and how easy it can be if you know certain things! Thanks to Phlearn, I have improved to a whole new level and I will forever be grateful for that.

You rock, Aaron and Phlearn! <3

Sami Saxon

I have been a photographer for almost 12 years, currently in grad school and have yet to encoun...
More I have been a photographer for almost 12 years, currently in grad school and have yet to encounter tutorials that blow my mind like Phlearn's. I am addicted to downloading tutorials, even if it's material I have learned at the academy.

Aaron's easy to follow videos are perfect for serious artist. I am currently a finalist in Canon Project imagination because of the material I have learned on this site.

Emil Widstrand

The first thing i do when i get home from work is to visit the Phlearn website for news. At fir...
More The first thing i do when i get home from work is to visit the Phlearn website for news. At first i went through all the free episodes but i ran out of news really fast. I took a step further and bought a Phlearn PRO and I think that they are the best tutorial videos I have seen. And I watch a lot of videos.

Aaron is a great teacher with the biggest enthusiasm. Sometimes I think it is his personality that inspires me more than photoshop itself. Exactly the way a teacher is supposed to work.

Thank you Phlearn for your existence. /Emil from Sweden

Paul Petch

WOW. I’m not a PS guru at all and do most post editing in Aperture…BUT…these ...
More WOW. I'm not a PS guru at all and do most post editing in Aperture...BUT...these tutorials and textures are amazing.

A game changer for me and my work. Thanks!

Mark Soon

I have only recently come to learn about Phlearn and Aaron Nase and boy, has this combo changed...
More I have only recently come to learn about Phlearn and Aaron Nase and boy, has this combo changed my world!

Having come from a CGI/3D animation background, I've long used Photoshop but in a very different way to how PS is used in photo manipulation and photography. The thing about Photoshop is that it can be used in so many different applications across multiple industries. These Phlearn tutorials are just so incredibly helpful even to a seasoned PS user such as myself.

I take my hat off to Aaron for being so generous with sharing his vast knowledge and experience with the software. I have never come across any other teacher who has been so thorough and in-depth with instruction. The tutorials are low-cost and Aaron has been so kind to offer this exceptional education to the general public.

If you have always dreamed about being able to perform magic with your photos, then you will not be disappointed with what Phlearn has to offer!

Ruben Chase

I have been a follower of that “aknacer” since I finded him on Flickr years ago. Hi...
More I have been a follower of that "aknacer" since I finded him on Flickr years ago. His photos was so surreal, provocative, and super, SUPER realistic. I didn't know how he did that. But I know now (just a little).

On the PRO tutorials, Aaron explains absolutely everything about the creation of one of his images. You choose what edition do you want to learn, you pay, you watch, and you know. Simply like that, better than a college class, and a lot cheaper. It's perfect!
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