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PRO Textures Smoke & Fog
Number of Textures: 120
Lighting Effects
Custom Shapes
Steam Engines
Custom Brushes

Use smoke and fog to add depth to your images. Use it to add steam to a photograph of food, make a cigarette look lit, create an explosion, surround a person in smoke and more.

All textures are photographed on a black background to make it easy to isolate the smoke, just set the blending mode of the layer to screen.

Number of Textures: 120
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Smoke & Fog Examples:

Smoke and Fog textures were used in the following images to create amazing effects.


Smoke & Fog

All of our textures are isolated on a pure black background, making it extremely easy for you to composite them into any image. Just bring the image into Photoshop, set the blending mode to SCREEN, and you are good to go!


  • Alfonso

    Hi Aaron, i’m trying to buy this Pack, but the button doesn’t work, either on chrome or safari~?
    what’s going on phratello~?

  • Aaron Nace

    Hey Alfonso, thanks for your interest, we haven’t launched this product yet, we will let you know as soon as it is live!

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