Jun 26, 2013

Behind The Scenes: Shaping A Scene With Light

Behind The Scenes: Shaping A Scene With Light

For this portrait, we wanted something that looked natural while telling a story. We discovered this old piano in a separate room of the theater we were shooting in and thought it would make a great shot. By adding the notebook and pen to the scene, we were able to create a picture that really had something to do with Glenn, who is a musician. Join us as we take you behind the scenes through the props, posing, and lighting!

We started shooting against the white wall behind the piano, but found that it was too bright and distracting. By hanging a black piece of fabric over the wall we were able to do a much better job of drawing attention to Glenn.

The most important part of making this image works was the lighting. There was a lamp on the piano that cast a light on Glenn’s face, and we used that to plan the rest of our lighting around. We placed one strobe gelled CTO in the hallway, camera left and far away from Glenn. This acted as a continuation of the lamp, completely lighting Glenn’s face. The second strobe we used was behind Glenn. This cast a rim light on Glenn, separating him from the dark background.


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    i LOVE this image!! Thanks so much for the BTS, I love knowing how other photographers adapt during their shoots; it increases the database for quick thinking while I’m doing mine. Thanks again!

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    Love the episodes! just wondering if you have any SLR camera recommendations. I’m currently working as a stylist and want a camera to start learning photography with, we use a EOS 7D at work and it’s out of my price range to buy.