Photo Manipulation & Effects Youtube Tutorials by Aaron Nace

Photoshop offers great opportunities for editing your photos and creating fantastic effects if you know how to. We would like to introduce some techniques which are quite simple for beginners and intriguing enough for advanced photographers as well.

Before you begin your manipulations, decide on what you want to change at your photoshoots. It would be easier if you have a picture of the desired result in your imagination. In this case you can look for suitable tutorials and lessons in the Internet.

There are different manipulation effects for everyone. For example, if you are a wedding photographer, you always face such problems as small pieces of leaves or rose petals on the skin of these happy people at your shoots. All distractions can be easily removed from pictures, you just need to select the certain area and paint or mask it out. There are a lot of options for nature photographers: creating beautiful sunset effects or even fabulous night stars. Creating sun rays through clouds makes the images more bright and mysterious and it can be done without any difficulty by applying Brush Tool and Radial Blur Tool.

More advanced users can find for themselves more creative photo manipulations. By creating or replacing the background you can change the mood of the photo completely. It is possible to change colors of anything, remove whatever you like beginning with hiding tattoos from prying eyes and ending with deleting people from group photos.

Learn these tips and let your creativity come out.