Photoshop Tools Youtube Tutorials by Aaron Nace

If you start working in Photoshop or at least look at it, you understand that it is very powerful and very complicated computer program. With it you can slightly edit your favorite photos or change some images completely.

Photoshop tools offer various opportunities for amateurs and professional users, beginning with the simplest functions such as removing red eyes and ending with advanced color tools and repairing of old photos. Let’s have a closer look at the interface and some basic functions.

When you open Photoshop’s program window, you will see the Tools panel on the left side of the screen. Some tools are also located in the option bar which is below the menu bar and can be hidden if necessary. There is an option to customize the toolbar for your convenience.

You can get the information about Photoshop tools by moving the pointer to their icons. You will see the name of the tool below the pointer and intuitively understand what this tool allows to do. For example, “Rectangular Marquee Tool”, which you will find among Selection Tools, allows you to select rectangular shaped area at your photo for its further changes – moving, copying, applying some filters, etc. There are also Lasso tools which have similar functions but the shapes are not strict here.

Photoshop suggests interesting tools for advanced users as well. There are tools for playing with color and lightening as well as painting and drawing tools that allow you to work with different layers.
Finally we should mention that there are some distinctions in different Photoshop versions. Don’t forget to update your program to have more options.