Mar 04, 2013

Use Photoshop Shapes to Create a Crown of Light

Creating Shapes in Photoshop

While it may be foreign to most photographers, knowing how to create shapes in Photoshop can be an important part of the editing process. By creating just one shape and using the transform tool in different ways, we are able to create a beautiful and unique crown for our subject. Adding gaussian blur along with layer masks make the crown appear as if it is emitting a strong light.

Matching the Light

When making an object appear as a light source in post production, there’s a lot more to keep in mind than just adding a glow. To make the light appear as realistic as possible, make sure it affects the rest of the image as it would in real life. Imagine where the highlights and shadows would actually fall and try to replicate that. Since there’s a light source on our subject’s head, we use curves adjustment layers to bring out the highlights in her face and dress.


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