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Amazing Color and Texture Effect – Changing the Mood of a Photo

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Apr 09

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Changing Mood

You can do a lot to alter the mood of a photo, and today we are going over some great easy techniques that will help you transform an image in just a couple of minutes!

Free Sample Textures

See what you can do with our free sample textures, or use textures of your own!

  • Reem

    I love this!!

  • soliss

    my submission:

  • nb.

    how did you do this! how did you get that really nice yellow edit on his face?

  • Stevie-Ella

    Here’s one I made a little while ago (if second entries are allowed)

  • Ian Norris

    Although there are some really nice photographs below, I thought the whole purpose of this competition was to use the actions that Aaron provided to create an alternative image.  Some of these images are full on Photoshop Composites, rather than textured images.  It kind of defeats the object of the competition.

  • MatMal

    My work, only Your textures

  • Matmal69

    My work, enjoy :) Sorry for “guest” but login doesnt work for me ;c

  • John Liot

    Hey guys, here’s my before and after. An old image but thought I’d throw it into the mix anyways! :)

  • Seanmichael Rau

    3 image composite + texture bonanza

  • Holger Urbanek

    Now, grabbed some picture, stuck to the supplied textures and tried out the fog-brush, made a magic deer. (And now need a magic beer.)

  • Matmal69
  • David D

    My submission. – Elegant color toning technique, surprised how well it works on everything

  • Brian Maiorino

    Before and after with the help from one of the Plearn Actions.

  • Brian Maiorino

    Oh man, my first submission disappeared?

  • Brian Maiorino

     Never mind =/ is there a way to delete a post?

  • Joerg Piechotka

    My submission. Thanks, Phlearn!
    Jörg Piechotka

  • arrowlili

    here’s my entry.

    Thanks for the tutorial. Loved the tip about painting in the layer colour rather than masking (as I usually do) it made a big difference.

  • arrowlili

    nice job!

  • Maria Dolgopolova

    Thank you for the episode! I have always been interested in textures and used them, but I didn’t know how to remove some patterns from the texture. So, thank you once again.
    Here is my entry:

  • d4rk4ng3l

    This is my try..

  • Eyerazzi

    My picture…I thank you.

  • N i s a

    Thank you Arrowlili and Reem! :)  

  • Seanmichael Rau

    just watched “How to Make Sure Your Images Look Great on the Web.” and feel the need to desperately repost every image i’ve ever put online…starting with this one.

  • Jay Cole

    Okay, here’s the pictures.  With some variations on the coloring.  I used lighten and multiply with the complementary colors instead of doing Exclusion.  I use to lay these out.

  • Jay Cole

    Okay, here’s the pictures.  With some variations on the coloring.  I used lighten and multiply with the complementary colors instead of doing Exclusion.  I use to lay these out.

  • Jay Cole

    I would love to know how you did this!

  • Ttstinger

    Some amazing talent on this site!

  • Kewal Rai

    Here in mine.

    And I would like to thank Aaron as without his tutorials(both free and pro) I would pulling my hairs out of frustration (well still am but not as much as way before ;oP). 

  • Lia Niobe

    here’s my before and after
    It was my first time working with photoshop to really change the picture completely.

  • Tim Piggott

    Hope I’m not too late – this is my effort . . .

  •íkur-Dúi-Brynjólfsson/530591765 Eiríkur Dúi Brynjólfsson

    i like this one

  •íkur-Dúi-Brynjólfsson/530591765 Eiríkur Dúi Brynjólfsson

    rasmus! realy lovly job u did.
    can u link your photos? 
    love do see more :)

  • Rasmus Kopperud Riis

    Thanks for all the nice comments ;)

    You can see more of my photos at my website: 
    or at my tumblr – where i post much 
    more of my stuff than at my website ;)

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  • Jandrie Lombard

    Really like what you have done here. The difference in the before and after is amazing.

  • N i s a

    Thank you :)  

  • Tom

    I’m too late for the contest but I still learned a a lot so here here is my shot at texturing.

  • Samuel

    fuck yeah beard!

  • Samuel

    lol “OH god…”"

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