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Behind the Scenes: The Body Shoot

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Apr 12

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The Body: Look #3

Join us as we take you through the entire process of a photo shoot from lighting, posing, working with models, camera settings, creating a concept, building a shot, and post production for one of the FOUR Images in our Body Shot!

These Photoshop Tutorials don’t just teach you the How, but they also cover the Why. That means these concepts are universal and will apply to your images as well, even if you never shoot a nude in a studio.

Lighting Diagram

Final Images

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  • Meji Alabi Ⓜ

    Awesome studio…and awesome shots!

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  • Marcelo Dufflocq Williams

    outstanding work !! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us

  • Bob Bell

    Next level nudes. Wicked

  • Sebastien Morin

    Great tutorial as usual, can’t wait to see what’s in PRO version!

  • Brandon KreativeVue Robbins

    Just got it I’m excited

  • Jesse Gross

    Have the same tv stand in “Look 2″

  • Jesse Gross

    Have the same tv stand in “Look 2″

  • Jesse Gross

    Have the same tv stand in “Look 2″

  • Jesse Gross

    Have the same tv stand in “Look 2″

  • Jesse Gross

    Have the same tv stand in “Look 2″

  • Jesse Gross

    Have the same tv stand in “Look 2″

  • Jesse Gross

    Have the same tv stand in “Look 2″

  • Antony Shvain

    Thanks a lot, Aaron!
    You have a great team!
    It was awesome!
    Got an aesthetic pleasure!

Episode Transcript

Aaron:            Welcome to the body shoot on Phlearn.

Hey guys, welcome to Phlearn. My name is Aaron Nace. You can find me on Twitter @aknacer. I’m so excited to be bringing you this body shoot from Phlearn. For the first time ever, we’ve created four different looks and recorded everything from the photo shoot through post production with each of the four looks.

Now, what you guys are about to see is just the photo shoot for one of the looks. If you want to pick up the rest, the three looks in addition to the retouching for all four looks, the only way to do so is in a Phlearn pro-tutorial which is on sale right now. Guys, enjoy it.

Alright guys, welcome to the lighting setup for our next shot. This is going to be amazing. Basically, we have a tabletop we’re standing on right now. This is our conference table. We took the top off and we put it on the ground. We’re going to be doing something really, really cool. We’re actually going to be shooting from straight up, down. We have a mezzanine in our studio so we’re going to be leaning over and actually shooting straight down.

Selena is going to be laying on the table. Now, if someone is going to be laying on the ground, you have to kind of think what lighting would be appropriate for them if they were standing up. Take them laying down and stand them right back up. We’re going to be using rim light. You can’t get light behind someone obviously because there’s a ground in the way but you can light someone with a rim if you put things beside them.

This is what we got here. These are three strip boxes and each of these have … They’re all going to be the exact same power. We’re going to get a very nice clean line all the way down her body which is going to look amazing. We’ve also got gels on these. These are all gelled with three quarters CTO. We’ve got a lot of super, super orange color coming out of these.

What we’re going to be doing in post-production is we’re actually going to be taking these lights, taking the color temperature down a little bit which is going to pump some blues into the shadows. It’s going to look really cool. To get this, because we have a shiny surface here and a big, big long strip here, to get it to really play off with Selena’s skin, we’re going to be using some baby oil on that as well. All kinds of fun stuff are going to be happening.

The big part of this, we want to make sure that it really creates just a beautiful line with your skin and with your body and then we want your hair to kind of be out in a direction like this. It’s going to be amazing. We’re working a bit with color here but our super orange shelf that we’re going to turn the shadows into a little bit of blue.

Generally shooting from down can be a little bit tough so try to get as far high, as far up as you can so you don’t get like a ton of distortion. Just think about if you’re shooting close to someone. Yes, we’re just going to go for this. We haven’t started taking any pictures yet but we’re going to get setup and see what happens. You excited?

Selena:          I am.

Aaron:            It’s going to be awesome.

We just wrapped up this shoot. I think it’s probably my favorite one of the day. What do you think?

Selena:          I was definitely hot, definitely.

Aaron:            So hot, just so cool. Hot and cool both …

Selena:          Together.

Aaron:            Together and with color temperature of lighting for all of you photography dorks out there like me. What we did is we did change the lighting setup just a little bit. We still have our three trip boxes here and those are gelled CTOs. We have a super warm light coming in from the side. The lighting in this room in general is actually pretty warm as well. Even though we brought down our shutter speed, the ambient was pretty warm. We did want a little bit of cool lighting coming in so what we wound up doing is we wound up bringing in this other parabolic reflector which brought in a big amount of high light right here on the other side of Selena. We didn’t gel that at all. That is still at 5,600 degrees Kelvin which is daylight which is a little bit cooler.

We have the warm here with the cool and the reason why we brought in the baby oil is to give like the gloss on the actual surface of the table. I’ve got to say, these shots are amazing.

Selena:          That’s a good thing.

Aaron:            Right. For me, it was really cool because we were posing and kind of like going off some of the things that we thought but there at the end when we opened it up and I was just like, “Go crazy with it …”

Selena:          Go do it.

Aaron:            Yes, you took it over.

Selena:          Yes. Definitely.

Aaron:            That was a lot of fun. Make sure you guys do stuff like that. Learning … You might have a couple ideas for your model and then she’s in there and she’s like, “Wow, let’s do something.” We wound up with some a lot more athletic poses than I originally thought I’d get but they’re absolutely killer. I’m so happy we did those. Good job with that.

That’s it for the shot. Again, really simple lighting. We just got a really interesting surface shot from straight down below and I think that makes it here are a couple things, one the poses absolutely killer, two is the difference in color temperature of the lights. We’ve got warm lights here with a cooler light here, and we’ve got really reflective surfaces. Not only in the metal but also in the fact that we used some baby oil on her skin, making everything reflective and glow together.

That’s it guys. Now, we’re going to get into post-production and show you how we can really take this to the next level.

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