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Contest: Blank Background

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Jan 14

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This Week’s Photo Contest

This week’s contest if for images with blank backgrounds. Submit your photos that were taken in front of a plain backdrop or outside where the background has very little to no detail. If you don’t own a backdrop, shooting outside at dark and using strobes can mimic the appearance of a black background. Make sure to read the contest guidelines below!

Last Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of last week’s shallow depth of field contest. Jason, Kaligh, Masataka, Mohammed, Noel, and Sarah all submitted amazing images taken at low apertures. Please contact us to choose your free Phlearn PRO Tutorial!











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Contest Guidelines:

How to Enter
Simply add your image to a comment below. Please only submit one image each week. You're submitting images to be edited, so don't do too much Photoshop beforehand. We want to teach not just how, but why edits are being made.

How to Win
The person who best exemplifies the contest theme will be the winner. If two entries are close, the amount of likes, comments, and a great description will be the deciding factor. Winners are chosen by the Phlearn team.

By submitting images, you give Phlearn LLC the right to digitally alter your image and display on, and use your image and any resulting derivatives to promote We reserve the right to change the rules whenever we want.

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  • Miguelángel Guédez

    Oh :D

  • RonRClark

    Shot this on a black backdrop using nikon d300 and one sb900 with blue gel

  • RonRClark

    shot using nikon d300 with one sb900 with blue gel on a black background

  • Lionel David

    Discover this website a day ago, and i love it! Here is my entry :) shoot on a white curtains with available light and one reflector

  • Alberto Feltrin

    Hi Aaron! Love your works and tutorials! I’m following you for some years now since you posted your first photos on Flickr and you are always a great inspiration! :)

    Here it’s my image: I shot it with the backlight of a large window exposing for my subject, the catchlight you see are from the white walls of the room we were in, love this natural lighting scheme!

  • Brian Siler

    Here’s my entry (simple white wall)

  • Guest

    my entry:

  • Ammo Photog

    Underwater mermaid shoot.

  • Guest

    Here is my entry:

  • Gab Labelle

    Hello, first contest entry on PHLEARN. À bientôt. ;-)

  • Daniel Krausz

    My contest entry

  • Simon Thelwell

    My first Phlearn entry, came up with a heist theme.

  • Alvaro Cruz
  • Alvaro Cruz
  • Alvaro Cruz

    Hello Family!!!

  • Kevin Michael Lowe

    Taken in front of the window in my living room, overexposed by 2 stops and then another 2 stops in camera RAW.

  • Guest

    I thought I just posted this, but now I cant see it. Try again…

    Taken in front of my living room window, overexposed by 2 stops, then another two in camera RAW.

  • Esme Fransen
  • Jaide Baines

    I shot this for my final project at college. I turned my friends into animals, this is Maddie as a parrot! Hope this fits the blank background contest! x

  • Guest
  • Mikkel Emil Erbs-Madsen

    Just got done with this

  • Guest

    Please vote!

  • Ivan

    Made for the contest.

  • Hassnal Adam Sulaiman

    Here’s my submission for the contest. Having some fun with flour at 3am, at my parents house. :)

  • Guest
  • Guest

  • Guest

    [url=]water & flash[/url] by [url=]deep idea[/url], on Flickr

  • Guest

    More of a low-key really, but it is shot against a plain backdrop (read: outside at night)!

  • Bart Vandeperre

    More of a low-key really, but it is shot against a plain backdrop (read: oustide at night)!

  • Bart Vandeperre

    Dammit, sorry guys! Apparently I managed to upload this as a guest aswell …

  • Amir Peeri

    My entry. Hope it’s not too late to post

  • Agustin Farias

    My entry!

  • Agustin Farias

    greats colors!

  • Agustin Farias

    great shoot!

  • Petter Haugen
  • Dev Ambardekar
  • Dale Antony Richards

    My image can have any background =)

  • Dale Antony Richards

    Helps if I upload it lol.

  • Guest
  • shovona

    an after series of my 365 self portrait “Self obsession continues..” do check as per ur convenience :)

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