Crazy Colors Contest Winners

Join us in today’s contest episode as we review our Crazy Colors Contest Winners!

After over 1,500 entries and a grueling selection process, these are the 14 incredible images our team has chosen as winners.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy these beauties! And keep an eye our for our next contest announcement and the chance to win more prizes!

A huge thanks to the friends of Phlearn who contributed to this contest: Expo Imaging, Rogue Flash, ThinkTankCaptureOne, and Fotolia.

Grand Prize: Meer Sadi

“Cloud Atlas”

Runners Up


Grand Prize

Expo Imaging – Rogue Flashbender2 Portable Lighting Kit

FlashBender 2 – LARGE Reflector
FlashBender 2 – SMALL Reflector
LARGE Diffusion Panel
SMALL Diffusion Panel
Rogue Flash Gels – Combo Filter Kit
Rogue 3-in-1 Flash Grid – Stacking Grid System
Rogue Grid Gels – Combo Filter Kit
Rogue FlashBender Travel Bag

Valued at $200

Grand Prize

Capture One Pro 8 – Imaging Software

This is a professional RAW converter from Capture One offering you ultimate image quality with accurate colors and great detail.

The program offers a state of the art tethered capture, and a time-saving workflow that can be customized to fit your needs

Valued at $300

Photo Contest

Grand Prize

Many of our free episodes are created using amazing stock images from! For those of you who’d like to follow along and create your own, now you can! Royalty-Free images, Vectors and Videos start at a measley $0.19 and include worldwide licenses which never expire. Use Fotolia to give your design projects impact! Register now for a free account!  1 Lucky winner will get a subscription of 10 free images per month for 3 months!!! Valued at $115

Photo Contest

Grand Prize

Phantastic Phlearn Gear

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ThinkTank City Walker 20 Blue

Grand Prize

City Walker Bag 

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All Winners

#phlearnmethod Photoshop Actions

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Phlearn PRO Fashion 4 Pack

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  • user image
    Johann Hartmann

    Stumbled upon these beauties in a Berlin shop window and as usual couldn’t help but document their extra quirky ‘human’ appearances 😉 LOVE EVERYBODY and stay fabulous, guys and girls of the world!

  • user image

    I made this photo after watching the documentary show “Cosmos” (the 2014 version). Isn’t it amazing how our universe is composed of the most beautiful colors as a series of systematic chemical reactions? Perhaps the sciences and art are not opposite ends of the spectrum.

  • user image

    I made this photo after watching the documentary show “Cosmos” (the 2014 version). Isn’t it amazing how our universe is composed of the most beautiful colors as a series of systematic chemical reactions? Perhaps the sciences and the arts are not opposite ends of the spectrum, but complimentary sides of a crazy beautiful world.

  • user image

    A Day at the field
    I took this picture with my Canon EOS D1 Mark 2
    Lens 70-200 F 2.8

  • user image
    Twylah McCullough

    I snapped this at an honorary powwow in which a friend of mine was passing down her crown to another Native American princess. It wasn’t until I started going through the images that the expression on this mans face struck me. I don’t know him and I don’t know what he was actually thinking. However, when I see this photo it always reminds me of the history of our ancestors. Not just Native American ancestors but every races ancestors. Native Americans are often seen for the sadness and strife our ancestors have gone through; however, every race has a period in which their ancestors have seen strife. This photo reminds me to always remain respectful to each and every person because I, personally, do not know the struggles they’ve seen and/or their families struggles. We’re all human together :)

  • user image

    Hi – submitted a photo earlier and I thought that was registering! Realized my oops moment and am now registered – all official-like! I’m hoping my submission will appear without my having to resubmit it, but if I need to do that and you see this before the deadline, please let me know. Thanks!

  • user image

    I spied this guy hiding in the dirt at the zoo curled up with a pebble and his color was so striking I had to take a little picture of him. The green really popped and along with his red eyes it just looked really cool.

  • user image

    This photo was taken the first time I took my 2 year old baby boy to a pet shop to buy a pet. When walking through the store we stopped in the aquarium area and when I looked at him to ask him if he wanted the fish that I was looking at, he was so focus looking in a particular fish tank full of gold fish. I asked him what was wrong and he asked me if they where on fire. I asked him why and he told me because they where orange like the fire and moved really fast. So basically in this photo I wanted to envision how a Fire Fish would look like to my 2 year old baby boy in a cartoonish way. Now after a few years I asked him if this is a Fire Fish he laugh and told me that I was crazy. I smiled at him and told him, yes I am crazy about you son.

  • user image

    The first time I uploaded this picture I wasn´t registered I don´t know if it submitted right so here I go again. I took this picture at a gay rights manifestation wich at first I thought it was a Christmas parade, because it was around Christmas time but when I got closer to the noise it was clearly not a Christmas parade so…long story short this a photo of fireworks! :) Hello phlearn!

  • user image

    I had a picture of my pug planned to submit. After I went out last nigh,t I looked through pictures I took last night and decided last minute that this better represented the concept of crazy colors. So here it is. I hope you enjoy it.

    It reminds me of an all to familiar drunken stupor. I hope you agree.

  • user image
    Dana Nygaard

    This was an exciting day for my little man and myself. He got some epic lego crayons (that he played with for about 5 hours straight), and I got my first DSLR. It was hard to tell who was more excited.

    Even as much fun as he had with them, he decided it would be infinitely more entertaining to feed the legos to the dog shortly thereafter. Nonetheless, I’m grateful I was able to archive every boxy “giraffe” and “dog”.

  • user image
    Matt Boozer

    Just having some fun! Thanks for all of the inspiration & all of the videos

  • user image
    Frank Hannaway

    The bridges in downtown Tampa change colors every ten seconds or so. This evening two of the bridges were slightly out of sync.

  • user image
    Michelle Rodríguez

    I took this photo at a gay manisfestation (at the moment I thought it was a Christmas parade, because it was around Christmas time) believe it or not, this is photo of fireworks. Yes, in my country people throw fireworks for everything and no I´m not from China.

  • user image
    Derek O'Riley

    Colorado Springs air force academy chapel.
    This was actually taken during a blizzard. My favorite shot is walking up to it. I could barley make out the shape through the snow. It is an instance where the camera captured a better image than I saw with my own eye. This image amazed me in how well the stained glass in the ceiling looked knowing the weather outside. I really loved the symmetry looking straight up.

  • user image

    This Picture was by accident. My classmate and I were waiting for class to start and we decided to jump off of a ledge – playing and she jumped into a photo shoot for her first time, as she search to find the Tranquility Wrapped in Blue.

    • user image
      James Tupling

      I forgot to write a story for my image. But here goes… This images was taken during Chinese new at my friends house who was celebrating with fireworks. We set the fireworks off on the outdoor basketball court near his house. It was an amazing experience and there were definitely huge amounts of crazy colours.

  • user image
    Jody Aston

    One reason I’ve lived in Guatemala for 8 years is because it is such a lovely, colorful country, but this was the first year I’ve attended the Giant Kites Festival in the little town of Sumpango (Barriletes Gigantes de Sumpango). It was THE most explosive experience of color and creativity that I’ve ever witnessed…and tons of fun!! The ‘small’ kites are 4-5 meters (12-15 feet) and they actually fly them…right above the crowds! The largest kite this year was 24 meters (78 feet) and the group of young boys who made it worked on it every night and weekend for five months. The kites are constructed entirely of thin tissue paper (they call it papel de china), backed by scrap office paper and constructed on massive bamboo frames. The purpose is to celebrate and honor their dead family members and loved ones, and the festival is held in the cemetery and adjoining football field. The graves are colorful, as well, because families adorn them with fresh flowers and tissue paper decorations. If you liked Mexico, you’ll love this – come on down next year and I’ll take you behind the scenes where they put the finishing touches on kites the night before the festival for terrific photo ops!! Thanks for all your great videos – they have helped tremendously while I’m teaching myself Photoshop. Love the contests, too, but this is the first time I’ve managed to submit an entry. P.S. to Phlearn Staff…I’m SURE at least one of those kites has a puppy on it! 😉

  • user image
    Bright Dhasan

    I took the picture in a small park near by Buffalo, NY when I was trying to capture a sunset. I like the multiple colors that starts inside the flower including the background color, which is the leaf of a near by plant. I had to lay down on the ground to make the contrasty leaf as the background for the yellow flower.

  • user image

    Before Security told me to stop. Apparently it’s creepy when your friends aren’t on the ride…