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PRO Beetle Beauty
Difficulty: Intermediate , Length: 1:10 HR
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Before & After

Hover over the image below to view the before and after transformation!

Phlearn PRO Beetle Beauty

Removing a Hand

The hand in this photo is just a distraction so it makes sense to remove it. We use the Pen Tool to create an accurate selection around where the hand intersects with the face and use that to cut the hand out. We then go over several techniques to making sure the background of the image is pure white.

Often times it can be hard to tell if a background is actually 100% white or black. In this tutorial we go over a great way to check instantly!

Create Detail through Sharpening

A great way to make an image appear as though it is popping off the screen is to add a ton of detail through sharpening. We go over our exclusive 3 step process on how to bring out small details as well as large details.

So sharp it will cut ya!


Although the beetle was already an amazing color, we decided to enhance it along with the lips to bring out even more interest. You will learn how to take the natural muted colors of an image and really make them pop out in this Photoshop tutorial.

Create Specular Highlights

To make something look like it really shines, you can add a level of highlight detail that wasn’t there in the first place. Specular highlights are the highlights that show up when an object is reflecting light, so for the most part they are white. Think of a car’s paint job. On a bright day the surfaces facing upwards will almost appear white even if the car itself is black. That is because you are seeing the highlights, not the actual color of the car.

To make something look like it is shiny, these specular highlights are a must! We cover an easy way to add these to any image.

Master the Pen Tool

In this Photoshop tutorial we cover the pen tool in depth and show you how to make accurate selections from your pen paths. We use paths to define the lips of the subjects in order to make the border clean and sharp!
We also use a pen path to outline the beetle, making it much easier to remove the hand in the photo.

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Mark Jones

Living and working in South Korea, it has been very difficult to learn photography and photosho...
More Living and working in South Korea, it has been very difficult to learn photography and photoshop. Without any friends, or photographers to talk to, I would spend hours browsing the internet, desperately trying to find any tidbit of information that would help me improve. All I could ever find were scraps, the odd tip, conflicting information everywhere, critique without advice, and it was as frustrating as it was confusing.

By chance I stumbled onto Phlearn one day, and was amazed at the idea of the Phlearn PRO's, jaw dropping, beautiful images that I could watch being created from start to finish. I bought one immediately and stayed up late watching it. I was blown away! I now own more than ten. Not only did I learn vast amounts of new techniques, I learned how to look at my own work with a more critical eye, I learned how to make my images believable, and I set a higher bar for myself. As a teacher myself, I really believe Aaron is a great instructor. He's always engaging, fun, infectiously enthusiastic and he holds nothing back, he makes mistakes, he corrects his mistakes, overcomes problems and he will show you what is possible if you keep trying and work hard at your craft.

Sure, other photographers offer 'tell-all' tutorials, but I have found these to have less information and a much higher price tag. Here we have a community. Wherever I am, I'm only a few clicks away from the best photoshop tutorials in the world, and I come back to them often. I'm not a professional photographer, but I love to create and Phlearn has given me the power to create images I am really proud of.

Ruben Chase

I have been a follower of that “aknacer” since I finded him on Flickr years ago. Hi...
More I have been a follower of that "aknacer" since I finded him on Flickr years ago. His photos was so surreal, provocative, and super, SUPER realistic. I didn't know how he did that. But I know now (just a little).

On the PRO tutorials, Aaron explains absolutely everything about the creation of one of his images. You choose what edition do you want to learn, you pay, you watch, and you know. Simply like that, better than a college class, and a lot cheaper. It's perfect!

Jack Temple

I can’t say enough about Phlearn. It’s the single most important resource for the d...
More I can't say enough about Phlearn.

It's the single most important resource for the development of my photography. But it doesn't stop there. Aaron has taught me not only how to take a good photo, but he's taught me a new way of viewing art, and the world for that matter. Anybody can explain the nuances of aperture, shutter speed, and iso, but it takes a special person to infuse creativity, change the perspective of others, and build a community.

Aaron's achieved this is the last two years, and I cannot wait to see what he has in store for the future! Thanks for the invaluable gifts of art and PHamily!

Dan Hashemi

I started in photography about 2 years ago and decided to see where my imagination can take me....
More I started in photography about 2 years ago and decided to see where my imagination can take me. I quickly realized that I loved to edit my shots to create something that often the naked eye can't see. I heard a lot of chatter on different social networks regarding the use of Photoshop and how nothing in photography is real anymore...well, I couldn't disagree more. Photoshop is just the new painters canvas, and just like every major painter drew what their heart saw, we use Photoshop to bring to life what is in our minds.

I saw Aaron's work a while back on Flickr and was amazed by his level of creativity, the quality of his editing and of course his amazing photography in the first place. And this is where PHLEARN came into play for me. The first time I came across PHLEARN, I thought "Finally! Someone is providing and teaching the tools for those who want to express the images in their heads but didn't have the know how".

Just through the Free Episodes alone you can tremendously improve your skills and start to build images like never before, so just imagine what is possible with the PRO Tutorials. On top of all that, PHLEARN doesn't even ask for a lot of money for what they provide, which makes it the first honest and fair deal on the net with a serious return on investment.

Go through 3 Free Episodes and I promise you, you will be hooked on the entire PHLEARN package!

Jandrie Lombard

Hi, my name is Jandrie, and I am a phlearnoholic. I have downloaded a total of 30 Phlearn pro&#...
More Hi, my name is Jandrie, and I am a phlearnoholic. I have downloaded a total of 30 Phlearn pro's, and every single one of them has been great. They go into detail, from start to finish. They don't only show the cool things, but also take you through the less exciting bits of making a great image. I have learned to take my time, and think about the image, does the image make sense.

The Pro Tutorials also showed me what was possible in photoshop, which is very handy when doing a shoot, so you know what you can fix afterwards. It also shows a great attention to detail. Since watching phlearn, my images have improved out of sight, and it's all down to Aaron and the team. I would say it's almost like having an unfair advantage. I can thoroughly recommend Phlearn PRO.

Lia Niobe

Without Phlearn I would not be where I’m now. I spent hours watching your tutorials, enjo...
More Without Phlearn I would not be where I'm now. I spent hours watching your tutorials, enjoying the high quality and friendly atmosphere. If I need to know something Phlearn is where I look first.

You have taught me so much and you guys are just incredible for sharing your knowledge with us, not asking anyting in return. You've showed me things I hadn't even considered to think about and I have to say THANK YOU for being just awsome! I'm very proud to be part of the Phlearn Phamily!

Eleazar Paradise

Aaron Nace and his wonderful team at Phlearn are doing some amazing things for all of us. They ...
More Aaron Nace and his wonderful team at Phlearn are doing some amazing things for all of us.

They always come up with great and inspiring ideas and tutorials for us to learn from. Aaron is probably the best and funniest Photoshop Master on the internet right now.

I tell all of my friends about Phlearn because I know that the wealth of knowledge you will get from them will help you 10 fold.

Guillaume Megevand

I discovered Phlearn not so long ago. And I have to say I got totally addicted. I’v been ...
More I discovered Phlearn not so long ago. And I have to say I got totally addicted. I'v been watching all the Photoshop episodes since from the beginning. I learned so much new stuff. And I like the 10 minutes format. Easy to digest!

Today I got my 1st Phlearn Pro, the Film Noir. Can wait to watch it...

You rock Phlearn!

Carrie Tucci

I have been using Photoshop for a few years, but have just started my first 365 self-portraitur...
More I have been using Photoshop for a few years, but have just started my first 365 self-portraiture project. Wow, It takes a lot of work to make me look like I want to look. Once I found Phlearn, it was like an addiction. There is so much useful information on the site, and Aaron is truely talented and amazing (and a little crazy).

After watching hours and hours of free videos, I downloaded the retouching pack from the Pro Tutorials. There is so much information in there about what to look for, how to fix it, some truly amazing techniques made simple. Now, I just have to figure out how not to end up with a blue face, but artistically, I don't think Aaron can teach me that. Just practice. I am at the beginning of my photography journey, but learning by leaps and bounds, thank you Phlearn, and Phlearn Pro Tutorials.

Ben Leavitt

Phlearn Pro Tutorials are better than ice cream. I’ve been using Photoshop professionally...
More Phlearn Pro Tutorials are better than ice cream. I've been using Photoshop professionally for 15 years. Of all the sources of information on Photography and Photoshop I like Phlearn the best. Why? While most tutorials teach "How" to do things, Phlearn Pro tutorials teach "How" and "Why".

Now that Aaron is including concept, preproduction, and photo shoot knowledge into the tutorials you get more than a simple trick you can do. It's more like learning along side a photographer and peeking into their mind.
Random Tips

Want to see the exact size of the brush when you are painting painting in PS. This is not turned on by default. To change this, go to “Edit” >> “Preferences” >> “Display and Cursors”. Set the settings for the cursors to Brush Size.