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PRO Textures Grunge
Number of Textures: 100
Simulate Old Photos

Distress Your Images

Grunge Textures are extremely popular, and it is not hard to see why. With very little work you can completely transform your images into a piece of distressed art.

If you are looking to add a bit more mood to your images, look no further. Add some Grunge and Dirt, and publish!

Number of Textures: 100
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Add Grunge to Your Images

These Phlearn PRO Grunge Textures are specially chosen from over 10,000 images to best represent the grunge look in photography. People have made entire careers over adding textures like these to their images. If you are looking to add mood and color to your images, look no further.

To get the most out of these textures, place them over your image and change your blending mode until you get the look you want. The best options to try are SCREEN, SOFT LIGHT, MULTIPLY.

All Grunge Textures are 21 MegaPixels Large!

Tip: Combine multiple grunge textures to create amazing effects. Change the scale and opacity of each layer for greater control.


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