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PRO Textures Leaves and Sticks
Number of Textures: 179
Creating Depth
Creating Brushes
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Add depth to a photo by simulating the camera shooting through leaves.

Each photo is perfectly cut out from its background and comes with a transparent background.

Number of Textures: 179
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Leaves and Sticks

It is very common to see images that were taken with trees leaves and sticks in front of the camera. The trick that most pros won’t tell you is that those leaves were not in the original image, they were added in Photoshop to create depth. Now you can do the same thing very easily.

Every one of these images has been carefully cut out of its background. All you have to do it drag it over your image to create depth instantly. If you need the leaves brighter or darker, simply use curves to adjust the leaves. Adding a slight blur will complete the effect.

This very simple trick will add depth to about any photo. Just be sure that it fits your environment. If your photo was taken in a parking deck, a tree right in front of the camera doesn’t make a ton of sense. Check out our example below to see these textures in use!

All Leaf and Stick Textures are on a transparent background and saved as .PNG!


Textures in Use

If it looks like this photo was taken looking through leaves it is only as a result of these textures. You can use these images in focus or add a blur to them to enhance the shallow Depth of Field look. This technique is included in the Vintage Fashion PRO Tutorial. Check out the progress animation to see the transformation.



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