Aug 12, 2013

Balancing Color and Light in Photoshop

Balancing Color and Light in Photoshop

Often times in a photo different elements will look similar but will not be exactly the same. It can be very hard to match color from one area to another, and even harder to match color from one photo to another. In today’s episode we show you a great technique for matching and synchronizing color.

Changing Hair Color

We noticed that the girl in this photo had a similar color to the fleshy adornments on the chicken and we decided to match the colors. The first step is to use the sample tool to grab the color of the chicken head. Then with that color we paint over the subjects hair and change the blending mode of the layer to “hue”. After that we need to get the saturation correct which is done by making a selection of the underlying layer set to “hue”. After making the selection, use it to define the layer mask on a hue/saturation layer and increase the saturation. Done!


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    Cristi K.

    Hi Aaron, nice and useful tutorial ! By the way , what type of microphone are you using for your tutorials ? Can you give a brand and model please ? Thanks !

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    I’m really glad I discovered your channel on Youtube!! Thank you for uploading useful and amazing tutorials <3

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    Leah Manzari

    Wow! What a cool surprise to see Aaron editing my image! That was so awesome – you totally just made my day – Thank You (-:

    Thought it might be fun to post the original image and to answer a few questions… Yes, it’s a wig. No, it’s not a self portrait (my modeling days are long behind me). The chicken’s name is Jessica – definitely the coolest chicken I’ve ever met…

    When I originally edited this image, I just wanted to obscure the cruddy background (my model was sitting on a manure covered goat shed) so I duplicated the feathers layer, flipped it up over the background and changed the blending mode. Not sure why it never occurred to me to just make the dress fill the entire frame. It definitely looks much better that way! Also, at the time, I had been watching a Lindsay Adler tutorial and was going for Lindsay’s pale porcelain skin look. Can’t believe I did the face but forgot the arm – duh. It really does look so much better with the skin tones evened out…

    Feel like I learned so much here! Thank You again Aaron! Phlearn Rocks 🙂

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    Lars Christiansen

    @ 7:04 you said “… like what’s going on with the other chicken…” Made my day! 😀

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    Arifur Rahman

    Hi Aaron, Its a very useful tutorial. Please you give us your practice file/source file. Then we are practice …..