Basic Tutorials for Beginners by Aaron Nace

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful and multifaceted work tool with images. You shouldn’t t think that you will be able to learn Photoshop in a few days, however, basic operations with digital pictures are possible to learn quickly enough.

Photoshop is definitely an incredible program that will help you to realize all your creative ideas and will propose many useful tools for this. It is perfect for retouching photos before publication on the website. If you are just beginning to work with Photoshop and want to learn how to use it in the work on the website design, this article is just for you.

For further comfortable use of the program Adobe Photoshop, you need to get acquainted with its interface. That program’s window is divided into several areas.

There is a menu bar at the top of the window. Its purpose is the management of the program and its interface. This is where most of the commands are, many of them are duplicated elsewhere. You can use them with hot keys. All of the options in the menu are selected thematically. For example, menu “Image” contains the editing options for the image as a whole, and in menu “Layer” are options for work with layers, and so on. Drop down menu contains the most comprehensive list of options for creating and editing images.

There is an option panel under the menu bar, the composition of which changes depending on which tool is active at the moment. There is the program’s workspace under the panel attributes. Also, there is a tab bar above the workspace, with which you can switch between open images. To the left of the workspace is a toolbar. There is the area of the panel that contains all controls for imaging to the right of the workspace. All panels are collected in a separate block. Finally, at the bottom of the workspace is the status with the help of which you can obtain information about the current process.