Nov 25, 2013

Behind The Scenes: Gap Inspired Fashion Shoot

Doing a Mainstream Commercial Fashion Shoot

The original concept behind this shoot and tutorial was to show how to do a fun and lighthearted photo shoot similar to something you might see in a Gap advertisement. The goal of a fashion image is to convey the companies message and brand image to consumers through still photos. This is true for both “high fashion” and “retail fashion”. Where high fashion might focus on being overly sexual and extravagant, retail fashion wants to convey the message of fun, comfort and happiness.

Forget posing, just dance.

The best way to capture joy and happiness is to have your model actually be happy. We set the tone by goofing around and dancing before we started shooting, and we kept it going by letting our models pick the music during the shoot and having their natural personalities come out.

Be sure to check back later this week to see how we edited this image in Photoshop.

Final Image.


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