Apr 26, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Vision of the Future

Click here to view a full-length tutorial of the lighting & post-production


Our concept began in the future with the idea of the sun burning out and humans being forced to see the world through technologically-advanced glasses. We went through multiple Variations of the idea which included the glasses glowing from within and being integrated to the wearer’s head.


A shot focusing on glasses as crazy as we wanted was going to require something handmade. We found a pair of glasses meant for wearing over reading glasses, and glued 3.5 (not 35mm 😉 ) cords to either side. We even attached a small integrated circuit to the bridge of the glasses for added pizzazz! By gluing 3.5mm ports to our model’s head, the glasses can look like they’re actually pluggin into our subject’s brain. All of the cords and electronics were found at Radioshack.


Not only were the glasses custom, but we also experimented with handmade lighting modifiers! It took some trial & tribulation to get the catchlight on the glasses looking just right, but after several tries we got it to look perfect.

Post Production

In Photoshop we took this image up a notch by adding circuitry to our model’s Skin and glasses. We also brought out the detail in important parts of the image and used high end Skin Retouching techniques to bring the concept together.

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    Braxton Klavins

    I was staring at the sketch for about 10 min to make sense of what is going on. I think I see the glasses? I am not sure. Just looks like a blob of scribbles to me XD.
    As long as the photographer can see it, it doesn’t matter if I cant see it.
    Well done.

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    Marcus Terry

    I watched this episode along with the editorial one and started to create…. I think the photo came out great.. that pen tool works wonders…

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    Jack Niday

    Is “The Vision of the Future” tutorial no longer available? Or maybe a dead hyperlink? I tried to locate it with the link above and by searching through the Pro Tutorials, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

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    Jack Niday

    The link appears to be broken. Can someone help me get access to the tutorial to purchase? Thank you.

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    i wanna buy thhis tutorial but the link is broken! Someone can help me?