Crazy Colors Contest Winners

Join us in today’s contest episode as we review our Crazy Colors Contest Winners!

After over 1,500 entries and a grueling selection process, these are the 14 incredible images our team has chosen as Winners.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy these beauties! And keep an eye our for our next contest announcement and the chance to win more prizes!

A huge thanks to the friends of Phlearn who contributed to this contest: Expo Imaging, Rogue Flash, ThinkTankCaptureOne, and Fotolia.

Grand Prize: Meer Sadi

“Cloud Atlas”

Runners Up

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Grand Prize

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Photo Contest

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All Winners

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  • user image
    rhapsody john quiambao

    Crazy Color Contest
    location: rome italy
    Title: Rock On!

  • user image

    Greetings from Germany!

    I took this picture in a birdpark last year. I hope you like it!

  • user image

    we were making a film for a school play and I took this photo of her and had some fun with it in photoshop :))

  • user image
    Juan Bautista

    We went at Break harts reservation area a little lake close to my house.
    After swimming my daughter ask for a popsicle. It was a beautiful summer day. So perfect for a gracious colorful shoot like this.

  • user image
    Lucas Johnson

    I’ve been wanting a Fujifilm x100 series for such a long time and I was finally able to purchase the x100t and couldn’t be more excited to start capturing everything I see with this awesome little camera. It was a couple months ago when I took this picture at the Missouri Botanical Gardens and everything was pretty much dead there since it was still cold out, but then I saw these flowers sprouting out of the ground in a perfect circle. They were these crazy beautiful purple flowers and they looked so colorful and full of life with all the dead grass and landscaping around them. I would love to win this contest and rep your Phlearn name on my shirt every single day haha! Good luck to everyone else as well. Hope ya’ll like the picture 🙂

  • user image

    The story behind the photo:
    I was sitting in the car waiting for my sister. It was a sunny day and I was bored so I took some cd’s to listen to. When I picked up the cd, this rainbow appears on the car dashboard. So I got this amazing idea and called my friends for a photoshoot. We got a ton of cd’s to play with and had a blast with it, so much fun and many photos where really cool :))) I hope I win 😀

  • user image

    Blue Dreams was shot at Bosham Harbor, West Sussex, England. Shot on my first DSLR Camera a Nikon D5100. Kit lens 18/55mm at 18mm.
    Exposure 20 seconds. F4.5. ISO 800.

    • user image

      Blue Dreams was shot at Bosham Harbor, West Sussex, England. Despite being taken in December, the weather was warm and very settled for the time of the year. It was the highest tide of the year too. I asked my then girlfriend to come for a walk to look at the high tide. Whilst there I proposed to her and I retrieved a hidden picnic hamper once she said yes.

      Oh she said yes…

  • user image

    My home town is a very popular tourist destination. Every year, thousands of people flock to my tiny rural town to see the fields of sprawling tulips. Everyone brings their tripods and cameras to try to get the best shot. While they were all paying for parking and lining up to take the same shot, I went to an empty abandoned field to take some photos of a few lone tulips. I think my shot is better! 🙂 You can view the full resolution version on my personal Google Drive account: THanks for your consideration! I love your tutorials, and your sense of humor!

  • user image

    This photo was taken in my holidays in 2008 which i spent in Switzerland… It rained all day long and i couldn’t go outside (On hills this is a thing with the weather). Well, i had my Cam with me and roamed around in that Chalet… I Found this…

  • user image

    This shot was taken along the Vancouver coastline last summer, we had a blast trying out different ballet poses against the vivid sunset.

  • Thomas Fechtenburg

    This shot is from one of my first paid jobs as a photographer last year. I was trying to find the best setup, to take pictures of some mountain bikers in the woods, but to start with all went “wrong”. Never the less I really like this image, so I kept it ;0) Luckily, I got a lot of other great photos that day, so the customer was happy.

    Shot with my Canon 6D & EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM at 55mm. 1/4 sec at f / 5.0

  • user image

    Hi, I really enjoy watching Phlearn but not got to grips with Photoshop as yet but the tutorials are fab. This image was taken with wirewool, speedlites, Pixelstick & torches. It has only a little cloning but the colours are as is on the night. A group of us go out every Sunday and try new things 🙂 Regards to you all at Phlearn.

  • user image
    Tabitha Lay

    I used this photo and a few others in my a-level art sketchbook for the theme colour, so I deemed it quite suiting.

  • user image
    Rachel Pakula

    This was during the Formula D 2013 Streets of Long Beach drift competition during the second outer clip of the track Matt Field’s gently tap the wall and the iconic pac man that was fabricated onto his wing came flying off his supercharge S15, while Bil Baldwin (old man on the white jump suit) standing so close to the wall that the pac man was heading towards his way, but the pac man missed.

  • user image

    This image was captured just outside of White Mountains National Park in NH at the peak of fall last year. It was shot at 35mm, f16, ISO50, 0.8sec. I dragged the shutter while moving the camera vertically to create the image.

  • user image
    Jose A De Leon

    Here is the leaf of a sea grape tree in my hometown of Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Hope you like.

  • user image

    This is an image of Milk Droplets which I think of when I was given the theme of colour for a GCSE Photography Exam

  • user image
    Julie Bricaud

    Just for trying, there is nothing to lose ! 😉 I hope you’ll like this one guys ! 😀

  • user image

    14 years old and just getting into photography. This is a picture of the Kelpies at the Helix in Falkirk, Scotland. I shot this on my phone and then played around with it in photoshop. Hope you like it!

  • Michael

    Out flying around the Phantom DJI. The complementary colors of the front light / back light indicators made for some pretty neat light trails. I would love to say that the drone was chasing around the cutest puppy you would ever see …. so that’s what i’ll say. It’s a shame it was too dark for you to see this ADORABLE dog – you’ll just have to take my word for it! : )

  • user image
    Alex McPhail

    Setting Fire.
    Formakin Estate, Bishopton, Scotland
    HDR bracketed exposure.
    Almost got eaten alive by midgies while waiting on this shot.

  • user image

    I know this isn’t the perfect HD image you usually get in contests, and I am in no means a professional photographer, nor a professional photoshopper, but I couldn’t help myself but think about this picture when I saw the contest, I fell in love with this scenery as I saw it when I was on a trip to Chef Chaouen, Morocco with my sister and her friend two days ago , I decided to take it with my cellphone. The thing is that this picture doesn’t cover all the beautiful colours in the city, but I think I got most of it.

  • user image

    I had the opportunity to work as a photographer / videographer for an electro music festival near Hamburg / Germany. This was shot from the main stage into the crowd. The light setup was just crazy!
    The setup for this shot was: Canon 70D, 18-55 at ISO3200, f3.5, 1/60s

  • user image

    Not a professional with a quality equipment , but still learning this is what I got as far as crazy colors goes 🙂 Hope You like it 😀

  • user image

    “Life is Art”
    This image was originally created because my friend decided to release an album (without being able to sing or play an instrument properly. haha… 😀 ) and needed a cover. The album has never been released, I don’t know if it ever will, but I still like the image. It’s basically about the art of being yourself in a world that tries to tell you who you are supposed to be. It was a whole lot of work cutting out all the arms and stuff as well as creating a realistic looking background using blender. Yet, it was fun and I don’t regret it, even though it is kinda useless as long as the album it beongs to doesn’t exist… 😀 But I guess it’s crazy and colorfull and the meaning is the same, with or without the album… I hope you like it quite as much as I do… 😉

  • user image
    Yevgen Gozhenko

    Well this is my first competition entry:D I took this picture when I was going on a study trip to Barcelona, the sun was just rising and it was really beautiful. Sorry about the poor quality of the image, it was taken through the plane window with a mobile phone camera. Thanks for all your great content, as an architecture student your videos helped me out a lot when it came to rending my designs and making them look realistic.

  • user image

    This is a photo I got out on the Parkway with my Mom. This was after my mom was scared off by a dear, thinking it was a bear. This was one of those split second pictures you get at the end of the day. I was walking after my Mom and saw a log that was open so I drooped my camera inside it just to see what was in it. This is what came out. I like the way the dark and light side came out. It reminds me of a battle that’s never ending. But thanks for the letting me show my photo.

  • user image

    This image was taken a really weird situation. It was in october where in Quebec, the hunting season starting and this friend of mine wanted to do a sexy hunting photoshoot. We starting looking for her boyfriend hunting blind and we were in the middle of a huge field with nothing. As we coundn’t find it we starting going back to the main road. I was driving my car ans saw 2 concrete pipes as they use for residential aqueducts and wondered … so we parked we took a few pictures there and as I leaned forward saw this lil spot. So decided to go down pushing my bare arms in wild rose plants to get through and got that picture with a close to sunset. So a not promising shoot finished with this picture!

  • user image
    Rubén Chase

    I’ve been experimenting with gels lately 😀

  • user image
    Mauricio Dimas Casemiro

    this photo was taken from my window on April.02.2015 .. gift from the Gods

  • user image

    I drove from St. Petersburg to Titusville to take some shots of a rocket going off. (This was after the final shuttle flights.) After about a 2.5 to 3 hours trip starting at 3:30AM we finally arrive at a point on the Indian River to see the rocket launch. We arrive at just prior to dawn. As I was setting up my cameras I took a few (three) test shots. I noticed in the LCD on the camera that they looked interesting. But, that was not what I was here for, I continued to set up and wait for the rocket launch, which was cancelled moments before liftoff. When I got back home I processed the three images and this is the result.

  • user image

    “The Cash Extractor” – One of the carnival rides that came to town in Terrace British Columbia. I had a lot of fun playing with all the colors and long exposures there.

  • user image

    I attend an art school in Texas and for a final project in one of my photography classes we had to choose our favorite famous photographer and find inspiration from their work. I chose Annie Leibovitz (because how could I not?) I based my project on the grounds that she really captures who her subject is. I took photos of 8 people (including myself) and turned out really awesome. This photo is the strongest one of myself. Family and friends often describe me as “animated” so I took a comic book inspired route and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

  • user image
    ali afandi

    Canon EOS 5D Mark II
    lens 50mm 1.4
    exposure time 1/1600

  • user image

    It was the middle of January, crazy cold with a howling wind. Sometimes the sun sets fast but this day it set slow and long.

  • user image

    This is actually part of a whole photo series I did. The original concept is to make still lifes that are not still.
    It was a ton of fun to shoot, and in the end I broke about every piece of glass I used.

  • user image

    i hope i win
    i took this pic of my friend while he tried too take off his glass (lucky shot)

  • user image
    André Schmid

    Thats a piece of the Berlin Wall found in Switzerland/Lucerne

  • user image
    Alisha Payer

    Hi there Phlearn, i understand this image is almost the opposite of what was asked for but i thought i would take a risk. I created this photo last year for a colour project at my college. for 5 years i had been working with photoshop, digital cameras, simple imagery and not experimenting. i wanted to step out of my comfort zone. rather than do what everyone else was doing and finding the most colourful thing they could photograph and edit it in photoshop to bring up the vibrancy i instead chose to edit the environment prior to taking to photo and instead taking the already dirty, dusk colours away in just a section of the image. i wanted to make is appear as though this image was edited in photoshop. so i spray painted the fence and burning bin to appear black and white. i left my hand in the photo with the paint on as a clue. i wanted it to be a symbol of the origins of photography and show that originally is wasn’t as easy as digital cameras and editing to fix mistakes. Everything had to be perfect prior to the photo to get it the way you wanted. i did want to use colour film but did not have the facilities so had to use a DSLR. but i still feel as though i got my point across and also to myself. i shown myself, a person who relied on digital burst mode and photoshop to get the perfect image that before the photo is taken is as equally as important as the photo itself. Have a good day

  • user image
    Francesco Battista

    This man is “Frangucc u zppon” (in English is “Frank the crippled”).
    Actually is not really crippled, but it’s his family nickname.
    Once in my town there used to be a big carnival parade, but along with the passing of the time this tradition had been lost.
    For four years the man in the picture, with many others, is giving all himself to make people live this tradition again.
    This year was dressed up like Aladdin’s genius, and he painted all over its face with blue paint only to amuse children.
    He is one of the most wonderful men in my town, and one of the best men that I’ve ever met.
    I’ve chosen this image because i think that not only landscapes and things could have wonderful colors, but people can too!!!
    I would have prefered to shoot the festival of colours in India, but I think that my town’s Carnival parade is our little festival of colours.
    In february, my little town, Capurso (BA, Italy), comes to life, and mainly is thanks to this man.

    I don’t know if I’m going to win, but I like this picture, and now you know a little about my town.

  • user image

    Image taken of my friend Elizabeth using a single flash and slow shutter speed

    • user image

      I gave her blue eyes and made her a red head and added the effects. I didn’t have a camera so I worked with what I had. 😀

  • user image

    This is what I saw when I burned the pine on top of a barbecue grill.

  • user image
    Julia Z

    Hello Dear Phlern Family.
    Just trying a light painting. Learning a lot with you guys. Thank you so much for such an amazing tuts.
    I’ve got this background done dancing with my smartphone and a tablet around the subject.

    Thanks a bunch
    Julia Z

  • user image
    gabe walker

    Phirst time phlearner . . . I enjoy a lot of your tutorials. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. This was probably the most colorful image I have in my laptop at the moment. It’s a sunset above Pamplona, Spain, I don’t remember what I did in PS but it was probably some color adjustment, contrast and possibly a Nik filter or two.

  • user image

    Took this photo back in 09 when I went to Chicago. Took it into photoshop and did a bit of color enhancement and walah!!!

  • user image

    This photo was taken during my last trip to Singapore. I was amazed to see the diverse ethic groups that were present there from Malays, Indians, Chinese and Filipinos. This was taken in a place called Little India.

    • user image

      It is just amazing how their government managed to preserve their very interesting culture despite the vast economic developments that they have undergone thru the years to become a very successful nation given its very small territory.

  • user image
    Alex Terry

    I just moved to Chicago and had heard about the green river dye on St. Patricks day. Needless to say… it didn’t disappoint.

  • user image

    This photograph was taking on the way to the real photo shoot location. We were taking a rout leading through an alley and lo and behold this huge wall with red arrows painted on it appeared, so we stayed behind and took a couple snap shots, good day.

  • user image
    Brittany Rhodes

    I took this picture on a nice sunny day in Chicago, at the time I just bought your Photoshop actions and wanted to try them out. Hope I win! 🙂

  • user image

    I met Moly and it was love at first sight. Where I come from, 95% of the people have brown eyes, brown hair, brown skin… Whenever we see a person with blue / green eyes or light coloured hair, we kind of flip out. I had this idea of a photoshoot: a mixture between a lost child and a survival child. So I talked to her and asked her if she was interested (and she was!) so we made this photoshoot, which was very intense to me, for everything went just as planned and very smoothly. It took place in an abandoned Villa in the island.

  • user image

    From a traditional South Indian dance called Yakshagana, which combines dance, music, dialogue, make-up, costumes, and stage theater techniques, this is the main character in the specific story portrayed in this local tale. While on my yearly service learning trip last winter break, I had the chance to witness the wonderful story-telling by these intricately colored men and women orating the legends and the mysteries that surround their traditions and livelihood. I hope everyone enjoys the picture as much as I do and find its crazy colors and story awe inspiring. May the best picture win, but secretly I hope I win!

  • user image

    Slow But Steady
    South Beach, Miami, FL
    Long exposure of a passing cruise boat

  • user image

    Magical Sunrise
    Taken with my phone while on a road trip and then played with it in photoshop just to enhance the beautiful colors that were already there
    Saskatchewan, Canada

  • user image
    Alexandre Rueda

    I hope I win!! I want the prizes and the city walker bag!!

  • user image

    I call this shot “Water colors” I hope I win this contest 🙂

  • user image
    Emily Wilson

    I went to school in Rome, Italy for a year, and during that time I started Photography Club at our school. My Italian friend/model, Francesco, and I found this amazing palm tree on one of the Photography Club excursions.

  • user image
    Scott Jennings

    I very armature photographer (just somthing I would love to pursue) recently discovered phlearn!

    This is a photo of my girlfriends puppy only a week after they got her, the colours arnt to crazy but hey, I’m here to learn.