Text Effects Youtube Tutorials by Aaron Nace

Photoshop plays an important role in typography currently. It provides a huge choice of fonts and text effects, so everyone can find something interesting for bringing their creative and most incredible ideas into life.

Photoshop text effects are in use in different spheres: advertisements and promotion, media and graphic design, in educational materials for achieving more visibility and attract more attention. Therefore text effects can rightly be considered useful and powerful Photoshop feature.

There are so many possible text effects that we certainly cannot list all of them in this small lesson. Just to get you an idea of what can be done here we need to mention a wide variety of fonts. You can create a handwritten text, embossed or debossed text, add a 3D effect to the text, add text shadows. There are nice and beautiful fonts for creating lovely charming cards. The interesting feature is the Match Font tool, allowing you to identify the text at the picture and proposing you a list of the fonts which match to it.

Text effects in Photoshop can be very realistic. You can imitate surfaces and textures such as wooden, metallic, skin or even liquid ones. You can create the effect as if the text was set on fire, very popular by the way. Typical cartoon and video game effects are frequently applies to the text. You can place the image inside of the text or a certain letter, also popular effect which always looks creative and artistic. Play with light effects to make your text shine and glitter.

The set of tools vary for different text effects, just choose a desired tutorial and begin to create.