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Lighting Setups that Never Fails

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How to incorporate easy and effective lighting into your shoots

Clamshell Lighting

Clamshell is an easy setup you can do with softboxes or umbrellas that will always give you good results. you only need two Lights, one as your key, angled above your subject, and the fill Light below. Its great for shooting someone who is older because it fills in lines and wrinkles, it  can make anyone look good! The key is to keep your main Light a little higher power than your fill, here I’ll show you how this effects the image.


I used an umbrella for the effect it gives with eyes, making them appear brighter and drawing attention to them more.


  • 0:40- Quick and easy setup
  • 1:10- Our setup
  • 1:45- 3:1 ratio
  • 2:30- Shooting between the Lights
  • 3:30- Why a 1:1 ratio doesn’t look the best
  • 5:00- Lowering the power of the fill light
  • 5:30- Catchlight
  • 5:45- Getting the image we want
  • 6:10- Choosing your main Light


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    This is really good stuff to know, but I would love to learn more about speedlites as I’ve just got one and don’t have a clue, ie setting them up, how they work with your camera, what not to do.