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Create Stars in Photoshop

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Creating Stars in Photoshop

For this image we added stars to the sky to give it a bit more detail. Doing this sort of thing is not as hard as it sounds and can really make a photo stand out. We start by opening the Brush palette and working with Spacing, scatter, Size Jitter, and Opacity Jitter to get the stars spaced out.

Using Curves

Today we are using a mix of Curves layers to bring out details in this image. The trees in the original photo were almost black, and much of the detail was lost. We start by brighting them up and bringing back detail.

We also use Curves to add Color and Light to the sky, making the photo a bit more dynamic!

Announcing the Winners of Phamily Week Contest!

This week is phamily week at Phlearn, we are working on images from the phamily all week long! Today we are working on Sami’s image. Sami won first place in the Facebook contest and wins a Phlearn PRO as well as a Wacom Tablet!

All the other Winners get a Phlearn PRO of their choice as well as get their image edited on Phlearn! Congrats to those who won and thanks to everyone who entered.



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Skills You Will Learn

  • Brush Tool
  • Compositing
  • Pen Tool
  • Special FX

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