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How To Create AWESOME Panoramas

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Creating a Panorama

First, I started out by resizing the images in Lightroom because the files are so large.  Then I brought all of the images into Photoshop to start the masterpiece!

By using the Photo Merge Tool in Photoshop, I can load all of the images of the panorama into Photoshop at the same time.  While the images load, they automatically stitch themselves together with Layer Masks included.

Once the panorama is loaded, I merge all of the images together to start working with the panorama as a whole.  Then I use the Warp Tool to help straighten the horizon.  Experiment with the Warp Tool on the image until you get the results you want.  You might have to do this a few times.  Last but not least, I crop the image to make the edges even.


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