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How to Make Your Vacation Pictures Not Suck

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Combine Multiple Photos for Maximum Scenery

If you’ve ever been to a beautiful place, you know that it can be hard to capture the entire scene in one photograph. By bringing together multiple photographs, you’re able to combine different elements from each photo into a final product. In this case, we take the sky and ocean from one photo, the palm tree from another, and composite them into our original image. Compositing objects with complex edges like a palm tree can be tough, but we show you a quick and easy way to make it appear realistic.

Adding Depth

The rocks in the foreground look very flat in the original picture. By adding shadows and highlights, they appear much more three dimensional. Adding color to the plants and water makes the environment much more lush and exotic.

Changing the Sky

By creating random shapes and combining them with Layer Masks and blur effects, we can create light flares in the sky that look like they were there to begin with. This is an amazing technique for making anything look natural rather than Photoshopped and faked.


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