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Amazing Light Leaks and Lens Flares

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How to Transform Your SOOC Shot

Today’s episode is focused on how to change your photos from ordinary to remarkable using a few easy tips. The first thing we’ll do is bring some more information into the Highlights using a technique I covered in another episode this week. Its a great way to add color into the Highlights as well. This is done using a Curves Adjustment Layer bringing down the Exposure. Then click on the Layer Mask and go to image- Apply Image and lower the Opacity. Its a great way to bring back detail and gives you a lot of control on how much.

Adding Color

Next I’m going to color the shadows using a red color on lighten blend more. You can choose any color to start off with and change your hue and saturation afterwards. This is great for a vintage effect. The same can be done for the highlights using the darken blend mode.

Curves are also great for changing up the color tones in your highlights and shadows. Playing around with each different channel creates really cool effects.

Creating Light Leaks

Light leaks can be done very easily using Radial Gradients. These can also be colored using curves and can give great lighting effects to change up the image! This gives you more control than something like instagram.

Lens Flare

These can be easily done using a filter, but the best way to make sure they look right is placing them in an area that has Light, to mimc how they would happen naturally. First thing to do is make a layer filled with black. Then go to filter-render-lens flare. Click in the general area you decided on and select the brightness. You can then change your blend mode on the layer to screen, and that will allow you to edit the layers underneath or move it around if you want. Blurring it can also help make it look more natural.

Final Touches

To finish up the photo I’m going to paint in some colors on top and change the layer to Color Burn Blend Mode. Changing up the lights and darks using levels will change it up a little more and add some more color. You can also colorize the entire image using a Hue Saturation layer and then lower the opacity to bring everything together.



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