Add textures and overlays to any photo in Photoshop using free stock images! Learn how to blend images together for a stunning bokeh style effect.

Sample Images & PSD Included

bold vibrant coloring photoshop

Create colors that pop in any photo! Learn how to enhance colors in both Lightroom and Photoshop while making sure the people in your photos look natural.

Lightroom, Photoshop  |  Coloring  |  Easy  |  1.5 hours  |  5 videos

4 Sample Images  |  2 Lightroom Presets

100 out of 5
( 11 )
create a simple title animation in photoshop

Learn how to create simple and charming title animations in Photoshop using just letters and icons!

Sample Images Included

vector logo from low res image in photoshop

Learn how to turn a low-resolution image into a vector icon or logo that can be resized while maintaining perfect sharpness!

Sample Images Included

advanced compositing stock images 2 after

Follow along and create an epic fantasy scene using free stock image assets and some Photoshop savvy! Learn how to cut out and place objects in a new background, create lighting and disintegration effects, create fog and atmosphere, and much more!

Photoshop  |  Compositing  |  Advanced  |  2.75 hours  |  6 videos

8 Sample Images  |  1 Sample PSD  |  2 Photoshop Brushes

100 out of 5
( 36 )
duotone coloring photoshop

Learn how to use Photoshop to convert any image into two colors to create your own beautiful duotone effects! Best of all, it only takes a few minutes..

Sample Images Included

sky replacement photoshop luminar 4

Replacing a sky in a landscape has never been easier than with the power of artificial intelligence and Luminar 4! Learn how to instantly swap the sky in any landscape using automated tools that create a stunning, photorealistic final image.

Sample Images Included

how many exposures hdr thumb

How many photos do you need to create the perfect HDR? Find out as we create three HDR images using one, three, and nine exposures in Lightroom Classic.

Sample Images Included


Embark on a creative journey where imagination meets reality! Master advanced compositing techniques, explore guest artists’ creations, and discover classic composites to fuel your creative potential.

9 Courses Included

soft light coloring lightroom photoshop

Give your photos a timeless feel with soft and subtle coloring in Lightroom and Photoshop. Learn how to lift shadows to recover detail, reduce contrast for a softer look, and add subtle color toning to the highlights and shadows with our included presets and LUTs.

Lightroom, Photoshop  |  Coloring  |  Easy  |  1 hours  |  5 videos

4 Sample Images  |  2 Lightroom Presets  |  5 LUTs

100 out of 5
( 9 )
create skin texture from scratch in photoshop

Learn how to create skin texture from scratch in Photoshop using professional tools and techniques and the included free Photoshop Brushes!

Sample Image & PSD Included

how to remove logos and branding in photoshop

Learn how to remove logos and branding from any image in Photoshop with the Spot Healing Brush, Healing Brush, Clone Stamp Tool, and more!

Sample Image & PSD Included

Professional Retouching Workflow

Master a complete, professional retouching workflow in Photoshop. From skin smoothing, to dodging and burning, to frequency separation, we cover it all!

Photoshop  |  Retouching  |  Medium  |  2.5 hours  |  7 videos

1 RAW Sample Image   |  1 Sample PSD   |  1 Photoshop Brush   |  2 Photoshop Actions

100 out of 5
( 46 )
hdr raw in photoshop

Learn how to blend multiple exposures together to create your own HDR images, all while seeing the new Adobe Camera RAW in action!

5 RAW Sample Images

change hue in lightroom

Learn how to change the color of anything in a photo using the new Hue Slider in the latest update to Lightroom Classic 2020.

Sample Images

phlearn dispersion effect

Learn how to create a realistic dispersion effect in Photoshop! Follow along with the sample image and included Photoshop Brushes to make your own amazing effects from scratch.

Photoshop  |  Compositing  |  Medium  |  2.5 hours  |  6 videos

1 Sample Image  |  1 Sample PSD  |  7 Photoshop Brushes

100 out of 5
( 11 )
phlearn select subject 2020

More updates to Photoshop 2020 are here and we’re putting the new and improved Select Subject Tool to the test! How does it hold up? Watch to find out.

Sample Images

phlearn animated gradients in photoshop

In part two of our Animating Gradients series, we show you how to create a simple and colorful animation in Adobe After Effects.

Sample Images


Join us for a two-part series where we create animated text and gradients using Photoshop in After Effects! In this first episode, learn how to cut out text from a background, create custom gradients, and export assets with transparency to use in After Effects.

Sample Images Included

animate a composite image in after effects

Take the jump from Photoshop into After Effects! Learn how to export out Layers from a Photoshop composite, import them into After Effects, and create a smooth, dynamic animation. Never used After Effects before? No problem.

Photoshop, After Effects  |  Compositing  |  Medium  |  3 hours  |  9 videos

20 Sample Images   |  1 Sample PSD  |  1 Sample After Effects Project

100 out of 5
( 5 )
sharpen in photoshop and lightroom

Learn how to sharpen in both Lightroom and Photoshop! And best of all, we reveal our favorite sharpening method that provides the most flexibility, control, and a professional result.

Sample Image Included

place anything into perspective in photoshop

Learn how to place any object into a new environment in perfect perspective! Create seamless, realistic composites with the Vanishing Point Filter in Photoshop.

Sample Images & PSD Included

advanced compositing with stock images thumbnail

Learn advanced compositing techniques as Photoshop as we show you to transform free stock photos into an epic fantasy landscape!

Photoshop  |  Compositing  |  Advanced  |  5 hours  |  12 videos

19 Sample Images  |  1 Sample PSD  |  4 Photoshop Brushes

100 out of 5
( 57 )
5 effects gradients photoshop

Add gradients to your photo editing toolbox! Learn how to create light rays, brighten a subject, create interesting backgrounds, create epic sunset effects, and more!

Sample Images Included

Use Blurs in Photoshop

Learn how to add soft sunset coloring to a portrait, how to add realistic motion blur to an action shot, how to create realistic depth of field in a portrait, and more!

Sample Image Included

How to Create a Watercolor Effect in Photoshop

Turn any photo into a realistic watercolor painting in Photoshop. Hand-paint in color and detail using the included custom Photoshop Brushes and then apply realistic paper textures made from scratch.

Photoshop  |  Art & Style  |  Advanced  |  5 hours  |  6 videos

5 Sample Images   |  1 Sample PSD  |  3 Photoshop Brushes  |  1 Photoshop Action  |  1 PDF Help Guide

100 out of 5
( 26 )
creative coloring gradient maps

Add beautiful coloring to your photos with Gradient Maps in Photoshop! Learn how to use a Gradient Map to apply different colors to the highlights, midtones, and shadows of an image, and then use Blend If to protect skin tones and dial-in the perfect look.

Sample Image Included

portait editing photoshop before and after

Learn how to edit a portrait, removing common distractions like people in the background, harsh light and glare, and even a tattoo! We also show you a quick and effective technique to add beautiful color toning to your photos.

Sample Image Included

film and vintage coloring in photoshop

Give your photos a worn and faded film look in Photoshop! Learn how to apply creamy sepia tone coloring, realistic noise and grain, and subtle light and blur effects to recreate that classic 35mm look.

Photoshop  |  Coloring  |  Medium  |  1.75 hours  |  10 videos

9 Sample Images  |  3 Textures  |  1 Custom Gradient

100 out of 5
( 17 )
fantasy composite photoshop light coloring

In Part 3 of our Fantasy Composite Series, we show you how to remove objects and distractions, add realistic lighting and fog effects, and apply dramatic color toning to a fantasy scene!

Sample Images Included

fantasy composite photoshop adding bakster

In Part 2 of our Fantasy Composite Series, we show you how to make an advanced cutout of hair and fur, recreate new fur with a custom Brush, match light and color, and create realistic shadows!

Sample Images Included