sun glow effect photoshop

Learn how to add sun glow and sun flare effects to your photos in just a few quick steps. (And using our free Sun Glow Gradient!)

Sample Image & Gradient Included

add steam or smoke photoshop

Learn how to add realistic steam, smoke, or fog to any image in Photoshop!

Sample Images Included


Warning please do not try this without the proper safety measures. After Rob Woodcox broke into the Phlearn studio, he literally lit it on fire! Not only did he bring the heat, he shared some great Insights on being a conceptual surreal artist.


For the this extreme wide Angle tutorial we will discuss using an ND Filter, Lighting Diagrams that work, and provide you all with the finished image.


Correct exposure on both the subject and background

Sample Image Included


When shooting a Composite, it’s always important to start out with your Background. This gives you the framework of what your image will look like and how your subject will interact with their surroundings.


Restore old photos automatically with Photoshop’s new Neural Filters

Sample Image & PSD Included

create face paint in photoshop thumbnail

Learn how to create your own cute (or spooky!) Halloween face paint effects in Photoshop! And add colorful, realistic paint to any portrait using our exclusive custom face paint brush.

Sample Image, PSD, and Photoshop Brush Included


Learn to select and adjust specific colors in Lightroom Desktop

Sample Image Included


One of the largest challenges we had to overcome to bring this concept to life was to design and build the main character. Being a photographer, this did not come entirely naturally to me, so I had to pay extra attention to my goals as a creator.

add a moon to a photo in photoshop

Learn how to add a moon to any night sky in Photoshop!

Sample Images Included


Watch as we explain the lighting that went into the portrait below, just in time to beat the impending torrential downpour!

photoshop import presets camera raw 2021

Learn how easy it is to import Presets into Photoshop and Adobe Camera RAW 2021.

Sample Image Included

place text behind anything photoshop

Learn how to place text behind anything in a photo in Photoshop!

Sample Image Included

change color of plants and flowers in photoshop

Learn how to quickly change the color of plants and flowers in Photoshop.

Sample Image & PSD Included


Here are 10 Phlearn submitted questions answered by photographer and editor Rob Woodcox.

turn your looks into lightroom presets

Learn some best practices for turning your favorite edits into beautiful, and versatile, Lightroom Presets.

Sample Images


Aaron hops behind the camera to share a few tricks on using a wide aperture to eliminate distractions.

move body parts photoshop

Learn how to bend and shape body parts with the Puppet Warp Tool in Photoshop.

Sample Image Included


Join us for a two-part series where we create animated text and gradients using Photoshop in After Effects! In this first episode, learn how to cut out text from a background, create custom gradients, and export assets with transparency to use in After Effects.

Sample Images Included


Learn perspective warping and displacement maps.

Sample Images & PSD Included

aaron mobile editing elise swopes

Join Aaron as he learns the art of mobile compositing from photographer and mobile editor, Elise Swopes!

Sample Images Included

rob woodcox photographer photoshop interview phlearn

PHLEARN sits down with fine art and fashion photographer Rob Woodcox to discuss his work, his inspirations, and how he turned his passions into a creative business.


Grant Legan is a Chicago based photographer who works very closely with modeling agencies, testing new models and filling out their portfolio’s with a variety of looks.

holiday card in photoshop

Learn how to create your own holiday cards using a few free stock assets and some easy Photoshop techniques. Or just download the free holiday card template and start plugging in your own photos and message!

Sample Image & PSD Template Included


See all the post processing techniques used in the Phlearn Pro Tutorial: Fashion Trip


Easily create patterns with live previews and composite into photos.

Sample Image, Pattern, & PSD Included

how to import photoshop brushes

Learn how to import custom brushes into Photoshop!

Sample Image & Photoshop Brush Included


After our interview in Part 1, we go behind the scenes with Grant Legan during a photoshoot.


Find out what it took to achieve our Dark and Dramatic image in this behind the scenes episode.

better drone photos

Learn how to capture better images with a drone with some helpful tools and settings, then use Lightroom to create stunning HDR photos!

Sample Images Included