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Amelia Brings the Stars

Sep 26

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Amelia Fletcher is a great photographer, and we are excited to have her as a part of the team. In today’s episode we are dissecting one of her images, and explaining everything involved in creating the image. This image was featured on Flickr’s Explore, which is a huge honor.

Aaron is moving to Chicago in 4 days! We are getting everything packed up here, but don’t worry, we won’t abandon you in the process.

We have some really great entries for this weeks Slogan Contest, and the winners are in! This was so fun, I really loved reading all of your slogans. Keep them coming, we will be rotating through many different slogans :) The winners are:

[P]hotoshops in
[L]earning made
[E]asy by
- Dale Richards

Phlearn: 1.21 gigawatts of pure genius!
- CreepinOwl

So Delicious…Phlearnalicious
- Ellie

- Changing your blending mode to Awesomeness -
- Adrianne

Phlearn Naked!
- Judy

I got phlearned and I love it
- Michael N.

Phlearnaholic? Of course you are! You just don’t know it yet!
- Oscar

PHLEARN – May The Phorce Be With You*

Learn with no pants on
- Sayla

Don’t just learn it, PHLEARN it!

PLEARN: “Don’t Blend into the Background.”
- Steve

  • James Warwood

    Images inspired by Phlearn? Where to start! – selection, creating shadows, compositing, highlights… – skin retouching, editing eyes, highlights and shadows, day into night, selections, adding light… – inspired by the sexy smokey ghost and other episodes/pros. selection, adding smoke, moving selections, cloning in extra background…

    the tools i’ve learnt are really adding to my ability to think of ideas and transfer them into my own finished images

  • rafael mayani

    I just finished this image yeserday and as i worked on it i kept thinking how many tools i started using or used in a new way since watching Phlearn.
    So this is my image, I used almost everything phlearned. Started with a sketch, used a LOT of different layers for all the buildings (taken in SF), shot the picture of my brother (my apartment in Mexico), used adjustment layers, gradients, liquify filters, custom brushes for the snow-rain-thing and at some point even used a lens flare.

    So, hope you like it!

  • Steve

    My stomach was sinking… until I read the final quote.  Ooooush!

  • Jon

    Heres a couple I did thruogh phlearn…..


    The whole use of
    layers, blending modes, masking and painting have transformed the way I use PS
    and i have phlearned most of what i now know because of the phlearn tutorials
    and especially the pro tutorials. I think I’m getting there slow but sure !!

    stuff Aaron and great to see how Amelia does her thing too, it’s good getting
    another prospective on things, keep it up guys! A most excellent episode !!

    stuff Aaron and great to see how Amelia does her thing too, it’s good getting
    another prospective on things, keep it up guys! A most excellent episode !!

  • Dale Antony Richards

    So Amelia controls when night time comes!

    Amelia do you have your own website? =]

    Also thanks for choosing my slogan! =D


  • Amelia Fletcher

    Hey Dale! I’m working on it, right now just a flickr. Its

  • Michael Nightmare

    Very cool episode today. I think a cool episode would be for you to both take an idea / concept and then go out on your own each creating your own photo based on the same idea to show how your approach, style and outcome of the image will be different. This will help show what you mentioned about giving away all the techniques it wont matter everyone ends up with their own vision. 

  • Ian Arneson

    love Amelia’s photo

  • Ian Arneson
  • Oscar Wall

    This was very cool! The part where you showed how to get the grass to look real helped a-lot! And thank you so much for choosing my slogan as well! 

  • Dale Antony Richards

    I love your butterfly images would I be allowed to use them as stock to improve on a concept image I am working on;

  • Creepinowl number 1fan!!!!!
  • Rhiannon Brunett

    I had the same idea as Mr. Nightmare down there, but having US ALL use the same idea (including you) to shoot over a weekend. The different interpretations would be interesting.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for showing us how u do it Amelia. I also just got my first phlearn Pro today. I am so excited to watch it. Quick question : Can i watch it many times or can i watch it only once ? Also, what if i bought it now but only want to watch it a month or so from now ? Is that fine ?

  • Amelia Fletcher

    You can watch it as many times as you like for up to one year after the purchase date :)

  • Amelia Fletcher

    Sure just send me an email and I can give you the size you need Love the photo!

  • Amelia Fletcher

    And I love the photo! Cool idea

  • Lawrence Smith

    I swear this is so frikkin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am relatively new to the whole Photoshop thing,and I am totally inspired. Great work Amelia,your gonna have to bring the heat next time Aaron

  • Hassnal Adam Sulaiman

    These photos uses a lot of things i learn from phlearn. 

    the photo with the model in the forest is actually shot in a hallway. it rained really heavily on the day of her shoot so we couldnt go to the location. but i went to the planned location a few days after the shoot and took a shot of the background. It’s probably the hardest thing i’ve done in ages as i have never attempted to change the background in a shot before. i also added the light rays later on.

    the second photo was simply putting together a pic of me and a ken doll. hehe. i used the techniques Aaron used to replace body parts etc. 

    the last image is a self portrait i did when i went to visit Korea.

    Thanks PHlearn for teaching me these stuff, i would not have been able to achieve them images if it wasnt for phlearn :)

    -Adam Raasalhague

  • Anonymous

    haha, thanks Lawrence!

  • Anonymous

    totally fine, watch it as many times as you want, for all time :)

  • Larrychuaphoto

    The music is too loud.  It’s hard to hear what you’re saying.

  • Massimo


  • Martin

    Awesome concept/execution Amelia, it well deserves Explored. :)

    On that note though, I [sometimes] don’t find the images in Explored to be so honorable. 
    For example this made it to explored:

    Then I found out that this was #1 on explored the other day: mean just compare it to the #1 photo on 500px:

    I know it’s all subjective but this is just my personal observation, the majority of the time the images on Explored are great. :)

    I love Phlearn, keep up the good work. :)

  • brando

    whatw as wit the music?

  • Jeffrey

    The music is WAY too loud in the background, I can’t understand a word you are saying the entire time!

  • ColeTurner

    I’ve never shot anything other than street photography, but after following Phlearn for a few months you’ve really inspired me to get into the staged / conceptual :)  These are my first two images and there will be plenty more to come!  
    Thank you guys for everything.  You’ve been so much help!

  • ColeTurner

    And I wanted to try an expansion to give them more detail, but I really didn’t know how many photos to use and ended up piecing about 20 together for each image :X  They’re about 90MB jpegs. Bleh.

  • Waseef Akhtar

    Hello everyone, I’ve been asked to shoot an event on October 3rd, I guess a meeting or something. I don’t know what people charge here for events and that’s the first question every photographer’s always confused about. And well, I have a Canon EOS 400D, kit lens, 50mm f1.8 and Yongnuo 460II speedlite. So need all your guys’ tips. Also, this’s gonna be my first event photography ever, rejected/ignored a few before just because I have no sense what kind of shots people need when they ask to shoot events. And yea, re-watching all the Phlearn episodes related to it.

  • Anonymous

    GREAT picture! But not so awesome episode… maybe couse everything was done before(i mean all the job in PH project in youre mac) , maybe i’m used to hows Aaron is hosting and teaching stuff :D and amm… yeah…. music was a bit to loud….or maybe i’m just silly :D
    Still Amelia  you have done great job on that picture.. and hell yeah I whant to try if i can do at least 1/1000000  of this awesomness :D


  • Anonymous

    good to know! I thought I was going nuts … either that, or maybe my itunes got a mind of it’s own :)

  • Ellie

    OMG!!! I have been away from my laptop for a while and it was SO awesome to come back to Phlearn and see that you chose my slogan!!!!!! THANKS AARON!!!!! 

  • RJ

    why the F@@K is there music – LOUD!!!! LOUD MUSIC!!!!

  • rj

    PHLEARN – videos are totally CHOPPIE – the video and the sound are not in sync either

  • Julie (O-kami)

    Cannot hear a word your are saying over the music  – wow – turn the music off!!  Please! Glad the music was just in the intro

  • Ahtziri Lagarde

    Very nice composing!

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