Turn any image into a scene straight from a Hitchcock film! Add birds to any environment with this free Photoshop Brush!

Free Brush Included

colorize neural filter photoshop

Instantly colorize any black and white photo with the Colorize Neural Filter in Photoshop.

Sample Images Included


Creating a Kiss Brush in Photoshop is easy and fun, all you need is a piece of paper, lipstick, and this tutorial!

Sample Images Included


We all need a smooch from time to time. Now you can add one to any picture in Photoshop with this easy-to-install brush.

Free Brush Included

turn black into any color in photoshop

Learn how to use Levels and Hue/Saturation Adjustments to turn black into any color in Photoshop!

Sample Image Included

cut out person youtube thumbnail photoshop

Creating YouTube thumbnails with style doesn’t have to be a chore! Learn how to quickly cut people out, help them pop with a white border, and then add text and simple design elements.

Sample Images & PSD Included


Learn to remove distractions and create a cleaner image.

Sample Image & PSD Included


Find out what it took to pull off this very complex composite!

dodge and burn landscapes

Learn how to recover details and add definition to any landscape using the power of dodge and burn in Photoshop!

Sample Images Included

match clothing color to any background in photoshop

Learn how to change the color of clothing to better match the colors in a background using some simple Photoshop tools!

Sample Image & PSD Included

sky replacement photoshop luminar 4

Replacing a sky in a landscape has never been easier than with the power of artificial intelligence and Luminar 4! Learn how to instantly swap the sky in any landscape using automated tools that create a stunning, photorealistic final image.

Sample Images Included

one click color correct in photoshop

Learn how to color correct any photo in just a few easy clicks using Curves in Photoshop!

Sample Image Included

clean up photos object removal photoshop

In episode one of our four-part series, take a tour of the most useful tools in Photoshop for removing objects and distractions from your photos.

Sample Image & PSD Included


In part two of our Horror Movie Poster Series, coffee and cream are transformed into our background, providing some texture and an eerie transition from light to dark.

Sample Images Included

turn day into night photoshop lut

Instantly turn bright daylight into dramatic moonlight using LUTs in Photoshop! Download the free day-to-night LUT and follow along.

Sample Image & LUT Included

object remove photoshop complex lines and edges

In episode three of our four-part series, learn how to use the Clone Stamp Tool to remove both large and small objects from a background with a lot of lines, edges, and detail.

Sample Image & PSD Included


Learn how to flip an image horizontally and vertically in Photoshop.

Sample Image Included


Learn how to master Layer Masks in Photoshop with these helpful keyboard shortcuts!

Sample Image & PDF Guide Included


Sometimes you can use Compositing techniques for a simple yet cool effect like adding graffiti into a photo.

create glitter effect photoshop

Learn how to use glitter textures with Layer Masks and some easy adjustments to make anything in a photo shine.

Sample Images & Brushes Included


We take the images from our Gap inspired shoot into Photoshop to start the Compositing and Retouching process. Make sure to check back for part 2 of the post production later this week.


Use Photoshop Fix to remove a Logo in a photo with the swipe of a finger, and then pop in your own Logo using layers in Photoshop CC.

portait editing photoshop before and after

Learn how to edit a portrait, removing common distractions like people in the background, harsh light and glare, and even a tattoo! We also show you a quick and effective technique to add beautiful color toning to your photos.

Sample Image Included

bright beautiful color grade photoshop

Learn how to add a bright and beautiful color grade to your photos with the Camera RAW filter in Photoshop!

Sample Image Included

change hue in lightroom

Learn how to change the color of anything in a photo using the new Hue Slider in the latest update to Lightroom Classic 2020.

Sample Images

retouching keyboard shortcuts photoshop

Speed up your Photoshop retouching workflow with these keyboard shortcuts that will help you switch tools and move around your images with ease!

Sample Image & PDF Guide Included


In today’s episode we create a custom Brush that looks like dirt and show you how to configure it perfectly. We then save the Brush and load it into the Clone Stamp tool to finish the job. The resulting effect is seamless and fun!

simple logo in photoshop

Learn how to use a combination of automated selection tools and more manual selection tools to get beautiful, detailed cutouts.

Sample Image, PSD, and Brush Included


Make better images by editing the subject and background.

Sample Image Included

select and mask photoshop

Learn how to use advanced selections tools in Photoshop, like the Object Selection Tool, to cut people out of complicated backgrounds!

Sample Image & PSD Included