Visual Effects


Learn how create an animated GIF using AI in Photoshop in a few easy steps.

Photoshop  |  Visual Effects  |  Easy  |  30 mins  |  1 video

1 Sample Image  |  1 Sample PSD


Learn how to animate any photo using Photoshop and After Effects.

After Effects, Photoshop  |  Visual Effects  |  Medium  |  30 mins  |  1 video

1 Sample Image  |  1 Sample PSD


Learn how to extract and incorporate shadows, highlights, and reflections for a realistic result in Photoshop.

Photoshop  |  Compositing  |  Medium  |  15 mins  |  1 video

2 Sample Images  |  1 Sample PSD


Learn how to create a motion effect in Photoshop! In this tutorial we’ll show you how to select the subject of the image, add motion blur, duplicate layers, and much more!

Photoshop  |  Visual Effects  |  Medium  |  15 mins  |  1 video

1 Sample Image  |  1 Sample PSD


Ready to dive into the world of creating conceptual artwork in Photoshop? Our tutorial covers everything you need to know, from mastering subject cutouts and harmonizing color and lighting in multiple images to even crafting a captivating parallax animation in After Effects.

Photoshop, After Effects  |  Compositing  |  Advanced  |  4.5 hours  |  8 videos

15 Sample Images   |  1 Sample PSD  |  1 Sample AE Project File

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( 9 )

Learn how to bring images to life using the Puppet Warp tool and the timeline video editor.

Photoshop  |  Visual Effects  |  Advanced  |  1.75 hours  |  1 video

5 Sample Images  |  1 Sample GIF  |  1 Sample PSD

How to Create a Bloom Effect Photoshop

Add beautiful lighting effects to any photo!

Photoshop  |  Visual Effects  |  Easy  |  15 mins  |  1 video

1 Sample Image  |  1 Sample PSD

Light Effects in Photoshop

Learn how to create stunning and realistic lighting effects in Photoshop 2022! Create custom lens flares, sun rays, glows, blooms, and more.

Photoshop  |  Visual Effects  |  Easy  |  1.5 hours  |  6 videos

9 Sample Images  |   5 Sample PSDs   |  1 Photoshop Brush

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( 11 )
create realistic light rays in photoshop

Learn how to create realistic light rays in Photoshop using Levels, Radial Blur, Layer Masks and more!

Photoshop  |  Visual Effects  |  Easy  |  15 mins  |  1 video

1 Sample Image  |  1 Sample PSD

risograph print effect photoshop

Learn how to create a classic risograph effect using simple shapes, paper texture, and a realistic print effect made in Photoshop.

Sample Textures & PSD Included


Learn how to make amazing composite images using only your phone! Follow along with professional photographer, creative director, and Instagram influencer, Elise Swopes, as she shows you her techniques and process.

Sample Images Included

reflection composite photoshop

Learn how to make a subject levitate over water, add their reflection below, and then use a Displacement Filter to match the rippled texture. Follow along and get some useful tips for compositing, coloring, and recreating textures.

Sample Images Included


Learn to create an ethereal fantasy composite of jellyfish in a night sky using Blending Modes and more!

Sample Images Included

stranger things cinemagraph photoshop

Today, we’re venturing into the Upside Down to bring a giant shadow monster to life. We’ll show you step-by-step how to create the environment and the creature from scatch. Then we’ll animate them into a cinemagraph.

Sample Images Included


The last in our series of Horror movie posters! Join us from shoot to edit as we create a dark and creepy poster with some DIY special effects.

Sample Images Included


Join Aaron and the team for a photoshoot using some DIY effects anyone can do. Then we hop in Photoshop to bring all of our images together, do a bit of coloring, and finish things off with some texture.

Sample Images Included


In this tutorial, we walk you through the process of photographing and compositing images together to create the invisible effect.

Sample Images Included


Learn how to make a see through frame effect in Photoshop!This fun tutorial is perfect for beginners. Creating a see-through frame effect takes just a couple of minutes and anyone can do it!

Sample Images Included


Follow along during our photoshoot where we pour black liquid on Aaron’s head, then take the image into Photoshop for finishing touches, including blacking out his eyes.

Sample Images Included


Follow along as we demonstrate how to pull off a levitation effect in stunning fashion. Learn pre-production best practices, compositing, environmental retouching, adding atmosphere, and amazing effects with light.

Photoshop  |  Visual Effects  |  Easy  |  5.5 hours  |  11 videos

13 Sample Images  |  3 Photoshop Brushes

100 out of 5
( 49 )

Add a beautiful starry sky to any image using stock photos. Use a clipping mask to make sure the stars only appear where they should.

Sample Images Included


Learn how to add a bit of mystery to your photos by creating fog and light beams from scratch, using the Phlearn Fog Brush! Download the custom brush, and start adding fog to your own images.

Sample Images Included


Create two amazing images using some of the most fun and powerful tools and techniques in Photoshop. Make perfect cutouts with the Pen Tool, match colors, dodge and burn, and learn advanced sharpening.

Photoshop  |  Compositing  |  Easy  |  4 hours  |  9 videos

8 Sample Images

100 out of 5
( 8 )

Learn how to convert any photo into a 3D Texture and apply it to Text and photos. This technique will allow you to change the lighting direction of any texture!


Add Depth and movement to photos by adding Motion Blur to Backgrounds. This Simple Technique will make Action and sports photos more dynamic.


Photoshop has an awesome tool for adding Fire to photos. We’ll show you how to work through the effect for adding realistic looking fire to your images.


The Spin Blur allows you to add radial movement to a static image. In this episode, we use the Spin Blur to rotate the wheels and tires of a car, making it look like it is moving!


A shadow helps any subject look grounded in its Background. This tutorial makes creating the perfect Shadow easy and fun!


Have you ever wanted to replace a person’s head with an animal head? Well if so, you are in luck. In this tribute to Father’s Day, we show you how to turn your dear dad into your DEER DAD.

Sample Images Included


Learn how to create shapes with clouds in the fun and whimsical tutorial!

Sample Images Included


Light rays are fun to create, and can make a big Difference in your photos! Learn how to identify the best place to put Light rays and how to create them using a Brush Tool and a Radial Blur Filter.