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Color Toning with Reference

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Aug 16

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Today we are working via request on an image with color tones. In our reference image we can clearly see different color tones. The challenge can be not only to tone an image, but also to do so in a way consistant with another photo. In this case we are sampling colors from our reference and using them on our photo.

  • NN

    wow you did the episode I love it 
     thank you so much 

  • Rebecca

    Thanks so much…love these!  Very helpful episode!

  • Stacey117

    Thanks awesome tutorial!!!! I’m not sure where to put in requests for future tutorials. But I would like to see one learning how to do this.

  • henry

    you’re awesome man..thanks a lot!

  • JoshLaiho

    Loveed the featured section!!! Thanks a lot!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome tutorial, never seen that technique. I could watch you color tone for weeks on end- hope you do a lot more of the myriad techniques.

    Thank you so much for the heads up on Muse, been trying to learn WordPress, but the backend seems to involve a lot of PHP which is way over my head.

  • Go

    hey aaron, great vid! quick question: how do you get a grey background for CS5 on a mac?  I don’t have that, all I see is my desktop, and I prefer having a grey background.  Is this a preference setting I need to change? thanks!

  • NN

    in photoshop press “F”

  • Leah Goetzel

    Awesome tutorial aaron. Do you think you could show us some more color/curves techniques? Like this one? 

  • Greg Brave

    What a great episode! Simple but powerful techniques, which open wast field for creativity! Thank you so much Aaron for this episode.

  • Rciprus

    Love this tutorial! I’m definitely going to try it on some of my photos :)

  • Guilherme Coelho

    Hey Aaron!
    What about an episode that shows quickly the tools and shortcuts of photoshop and the best use for them? I have learned photoshop by practice and sometimes I feel I don’t know basic things, like changing from Text to Move tool using the keyboard.

    Thanks a lot, man!
    You’re awesome! Every day I show your work to a different person..

  • Amie Fuentes

    could you possibly do an episode teaching people about layer masks? i know you use them quite a lot and i’m still kind of confused on their purpose. 

  • Dale Antony Richards

    Aaron, I would LOVE an episode on how to create this sort of styling

    It has always appealed to me as something I want to achieve and how I want to stylise my images.

    Please let me know how you would create an image like that.

  • Dale Antony Richards

    Woah, don’t know why the gaps are so big!

  • Chloe Gibbons

    Yes, gorgeous!

  • Crestina Photography

    This was a great tip. Thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    I really like those as well. I am doing research on creating that type of effect. It seems to be linked to lighting as well.

  • Anonymous

    You can also go to WINDOW- APPLICATION FRAME

  • Anonymous

    very cool! We should do a snow image soon :)

  • brando

    haha me 2 dale….me dale been dying to learn this 2…

  • brando

    haha me 2 dale….me dale been dying to learn this 2…

  • brando

    i believe alot of it is with toning in photomatix….

  • brando

    jeez stacy you ask and you get it done in 1 day i been asking for stuff for months….god you must have some pull im jealous….

  • Cornflake Couture

    Maybe Stacey is prettier then you :)   Everything comes to he who waits brando :)

  • Go


  • Canan

    Wow Aaron! You rock! This was so cool! Really helped a lot!:-)

  • @FotobyDemetrius

    crap this came right in time with some things I have been struggling with!!  great stuff once again.

  • Steve

    Nice! My first phlearn seminar. Have you done, or will you look into the ‘Dragan effect’, or the ‘Dave Hill’ look?  Thanks : )

  • angelica

    great one, thanks. still catching up with you!

  • johann

    Aaron can you make an pdf / ebook about color toning? im trying to get a slighty warm dreamy  /hazy look and i cant seem to get it. and im hearing disabled so i couldnt really hear what you were saying on the video. just following the images :D

  • Dekipecanac

      Maybe this will help as part of the process. Try to use high-pass
    filter couple of times to get the shades right on small and large
    details and each layer blur little bit. then use linear light, overlay
    or soft light…load black mask and paint where you need light or dark

    All best.

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