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Check Out Phlearn’s Weekend Inspiration II

Jul 21

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Our second weekend inspiration collection features portraits from all across the world wide web.

Let us know in the comments which ones are your favorites for this weekend inspiration, and what you’re creating for the weekend.

Each week we gather the best photos from the web and put them in one place.
Click Here to view them all.



“Welcome to Pyongyang” by Charlie Crane

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  • Yo Mama

    Celebration Art is my fav

  • Tsaqib Al-Hasawi

    Dear Aaron, you should check a guy name ‘oprisco’ in flickr. He’s work is stunning. Here is his photostream address: 

  • Cissy / Amara-Photos

    Good answer of Yo Mama actually. if I do ‘have to’ choose one out of these amazing photos – it would be ‘tired of pretending’. The concept and it keeps drawing your eyes in. What an artist!!

  • Sarah Ann Wright

    I think they are all awesome but I’m mainly posting to say that I’m honoured to be included with such fantastic artists whom I admire, thank you.

  • Sarah Ann Loreth

    Aw honored to be amongst some of my loves <3

  • Zack Ahern

    I’m very honored to have my image included in this amazing group of photographers :)

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