Aug 31, 2012

Weekend Inspiration VIII

Welcome to our EIGTH edition of weekend inspiration!

I can’t believe we’ve already done 2 months worth of inspiring posts for your weekend. Time flies.
Today we have 20 photographs from great photographers from 500px, Flickr, 1x, etc.. We love these pictures, we hope you guys love them just as much as we do!

*** by Dmitry Ageev

5/365 (Bryan Jackson) by Kurt Dressler Photography

all my life i lived in a bubble. by karrah.kobus

. by neon.tambourine

Ephelides by Dragan Todorovi?

Fisherman & Heron by Okan YILMAZ

for a lover. by Kalie Garrett

Knock knock…Yes? by Lukas Grumet

Li River Sunrise by Yan Zhang

loneliness… by Andres Hidalgo

Secret Keeper by Lissy Elle Laricchia

silent song by final toto

Sometimes they act like…. by jwlphotography

Swan Lake_V by Vassilis Tangoulis

That Day… by Martin Marcisovsky

Time takes all breath away. by charlotte_rutherford

Untitled by anna hollow

We are the battery human. by David Talley

Weary Sentry by Ethan Coverstone

?AM CBET by Olmo Rodriguez

If that wasn’t enough inspiration for you, click here to see all of the previous editions of Weekend Inspiration. Have a great weekend!

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    J. West

    Kalie Garrett is the entire reason I started self portraiture, I absolutely ADORE her work. She is so amazing! Thank you so much for finally showcasing her!

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    Dimitry’s photo is just outstanding.  The subtle details is brilliant.  Love the wisps of hair moving.  All of these are phenomenal.