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Check out Phlearn’s Weekend Inspiration XXI

Nov 30

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Hello everyone and welcome to the 21st edition of Weekend Inspiration.

For this weekend inspiration we have 25 inspirational photographs from both amateur and professional photographers, as well as photographs from the Phamily!

So have a look, and tell us your favorites! Enjoy!

Alone Woman by Samad Ghorbanzadeh

Books # 16 : The Metamorphosis / La métamorphose by Pierre Beteille

by Erik Almas

by Tim Navis

Domestic Chaos by Shawn Van Daele

Fireman by anas topbgt

Happy 75th Birthday by Joe Azure

High Water by Ugo Cutilli

I want to be first by Natalie Shau

Merry Christmas by Benoit.P

Morning Star by La Mo

Untitled by yyellowbird

Passenger by Hossein Zare

Sea Sunset by Shawn Van Daele

Tales from the Hidden Attic by Michael Vincent Manalo

The Dancing Ghost by Annabelle.D.

The Waterbender by Achmad Kurniawan

Untitled by Anton Surkov

True Talent by Emil Nyström

Untitled by anna hollow

Untitled by Jonathan Jacobsen

Untitled by Lee Jeffries

Valeria by Roman Kalinovskiy

Untitled by Liisa Härmson

When Autumn was Spirited Away by Rob Woodcox

If that wasn’t enough inspiration for you, you can check out previous editions of Weekend Inspiration here!
Have a great weekend!

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  • Francy

    wow! i love them all! such creativity

  • Pierre Beteille

    Thanks for including me!

  • Tsaqib Al-Hasawi

    There’s a correction there, I believe that the photograph title ‘Sea Sunset’ is from Andrew@CubaGallery not Shawn Van Daele

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One way to figure out the lighting in a photo besides looking at the direction of the shadows, is to look into the eyes and particularly the catch lights in the eyes can help you figure out the type of light used by its shape in the eye as well as the directions it was lit