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The Ultimate Guide to Lightroom for Desktop & Mobile

Learn how to use the all-new Lightroom to upload your images to the cloud, organize them, apply edits, and share them with the world–all using the power of RAW Images.

Lightroom  |  Photo Editing  |  Easy  |  4 hours  |  18 videos

50 RAW Sample Images  |  20 Lightroom Presets   |  30 Photoshop LUTs

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Learn how to get perfect perspective with the help of Rulers and Grids in Photoshop! Follow along as we use various guides to help us straighten lines in buildings and architecture.

Sample Image Included

change poses puppet warp tool photoshop

Learn to use the Puppet Warp Tool to get the perfect pose from your subjects, every time.

Sample PSD Included

Professional Beauty Retouching in Photoshop

Master the art of professional beauty retouching in Photoshop! Learn advanced skills like dodging and burning, frequency separation, and sharpening–all for creating beautiful portraits with commercial appeal.

Photoshop  |  Retouching  |  Advanced  |  4 hours  |  12 videos

4 RAW Sample Images  |  1 Sample PSD  |  2 Photoshop Actions  |  1 Photoshop Brush

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rob woodcox photographer photoshop interview phlearn

PHLEARN sits down with fine art and fashion photographer Rob Woodcox to discuss his work, his inspirations, and how he turned his passions into a creative business.

rob woodcox compositing photoshop youtube

Join Rob Woodcox and learn how to create a levitation composite in Photoshop with photos taken at a single location and using only natural light.

Sample Images Included

fine art compositing photoshop rob woodcox

Learn portrait retouching, background retouching, and creative compositing from fine art and fashion photographer, Rob Woodcox! And along the way, Rob gives valuable insight into his process and how to run a successful creative business!

Photoshop  |  Compositing  |  Medium  |  6 hours  |  24 videos

66 Sample Images

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Learn how to use Photoshop and Adobe Camera RAW to make adjustments to white balance and color temperature. Get perfect color, every time!

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patch tool remove objects photoshop

The Patch Tool is one of the best ways to remove large objects from a photo in Photoshop! Learn how to select distractions and replace them with textures that blend in seamlessly with the rest of an image.

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create vignette photoshop

Learn how to draw more attention to your subjects with soft, natural-looking vignettes in Photoshop!

Sample Images Included


Draw more or attention to your subjects with our easy-to-use Smart Vignette Photoshop Action. Just download, install, and click play!

Photoshop  |  PRO Photoshop Actions  |  Easy  |  15 mins

4 Sample Images   |  1 Photoshop Action  |  1 Install Video   |  1 PDF Quick Install Guide

dodge and burn landscapes

Learn how to recover details and add definition to any landscape using the power of dodge and burn in Photoshop!

Sample Images Included

aaron mobile editing elise swopes

Join Aaron as he learns the art of mobile compositing from photographer and mobile editor, Elise Swopes!

Sample Images Included

The Beginners Guide to Lightroom Classic Thumbnail

Lightroom Classic is the best way to organize your photos, pick out your favorites, and create beautiful edits with perfect color and detail. From capture to export, this is the easiest way to learn Lightroom Classic!

Lightroom  |  Photo Editing  |  Easy  |  5.75 hours  |  26 videos

68 Sample Images  |  4 Lightroom Presets

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Add realistic light rays to any backlit photo with our easy-to-use Photoshop Actions. Learn how to install the Actions and apply them to your images!

Photoshop  |  PRO Photoshop Actions  |  Easy  |  15 mins

5 Sample Images  |   1 Photoshop Action  |  1 Install Video  |   1 PDF Quick Install Guide

PHLEARN Black and White Photoshop Action Thumbnail

Add style, contrast, and that vintage film look in just a few clicks! Transform your photos into instant classics with 15 black & white Photoshop Actions.

Photoshop  |  PRO Photoshop Actions  |  Easy  |  15 mins

5 Sample Images  |  1 Photoshop Action  |  1 Install Video  |  1 PDF Quick Install Guide


Step into our Graphics & Text learning path! With 8 courses and over 23 hours of content, you’ll delve into mastering layer styles, making precise cutouts, and creating captivating mockups and text effects, leaving you with the expertise to create stunning graphic compositions.

8 Courses Included


Learn how to make amazing composite images using only your phone! Follow along with professional photographer, creative director, and Instagram influencer, Elise Swopes, as she shows you her techniques and process.

Sample Images Included


Learn to create stunning composite images using just your phone. Join mobile artist Elise Swopes as she guides you through multiple apps, shares her creative vision, and discusses building her online business.

Lightroom  |  Compositing  |  Medium  |  3 hours  |  19 videos

13 Sample Images  |  1 PDF Guide

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clone stamp tool photoshop

Learn how to remove anything from a photo with the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop! We show you how to work non-destructively, hide distractions with realistic details, and match light and color for professional results.

Sample Images Included

reflection composite photoshop

Learn how to make a subject levitate over water, add their reflection below, and then use a Displacement Filter to match the rippled texture. Follow along and get some useful tips for compositing, coloring, and recreating textures.

Sample Images Included


Frequency Separation is one of the most powerful and most difficult techniques to master in the art of retouching. Using our exclusive set of Photoshop actions, you can create beautiful, realistic skin in a fraction of the time.

Photoshop  |  PRO Photoshop Actions  |  Easy  |  15 mins

5 Sample Images  |   1 Photoshop Action  |  1 Install Video   |  1 PDF Quick Install Guide

Amazing Eyes Photoshop Action Thumbnail

Instantly enhance the eyes in any portrait with this easy Photoshop Actions. Create more intense colors, bring out details, and add sharpening in a click!

Photoshop  |  PRO Photoshop Actions  |  Easy  |  15 mins

5 Sample Images  |  1 Photoshop Action  |  1 Install Video  |  1 PDF Quick Install Guide


Learn to create an ethereal fantasy composite of jellyfish in a night sky using Blending Modes and more!

Sample Images Included

Sharpen Photoshop Action

Bring your photos into focus with sharpening in Photoshop! You can instantly sharpen an entire image or help bring more attention to a subject. Pro-level sharpening has never been easier.

Photoshop  |  PRO Photoshop Actions  |  Easy  |  15 mins

5 Sample Images   |  1 Photoshop Action  |  1 Install Video  |  1 PDF Quick Install Guide

PHLEARN Sun Flare Photoshop Action Thumbnail

Give your images a sun-kissed look by adding beautiful flares and glows! This action pack is ideal for backlit photos and will make a perfect addition to wedding, lifestyle, event, and landscape image

Photoshop  |  PRO Photoshop Actions  |  Easy  |  15 mins

5 Sample Images  |  1 Photoshop Action  |  1 Install Video  |  1 PDF Quick Install Guide


Add cinematic color to your photos and videos with LUTs made in Photoshop! Learn how to create your own LUTs and then easily load them into Photoshop, Lightroom, and Premiere Pro. 35 custom LUTs included!

Photoshop, Lightroom  |  Photo Editing  |  Easy  |  1.75 hours  |  9 videos

16 Sample Images  |  30 Photoshop Coloring LUTs  |  1 PDF Install Guide

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lighting effects photoshop

Learn how to make light sources brighter, adjust the colors, and add a realistic glow–all with the power of Channels, Adjustment Layers, Blending Modes, and more!

Sample Images Included

select and change color lr square

If you love Lightroom, have we got a trick for you! Learn how to accurately select and change colors using the Adjustment Brush and Range Masks in Lightroom Classic CC.

Sample Images Included


This is our most comprehensive Photoshop tutorial, and the perfect place to start learning. Improve your photos, help people look their best, and share your ideas with the world.

Photoshop  |  Photo Editing  |  Easy  |  13.5 hours  |  46 videos

50 Sample Images  |  4 Sample PSDs  |  Beginner’s Guide PDF  |  2 Photoshop Actions

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custom keyboard shortcuts photoshop

Learn how to create your own custom keyboard shortcuts for your favorite tools in Photoshop! Customize your workflow and edit faster than ever.

Sample Images Included