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How to Make an Awesome Animated GIF

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Feb 02

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GIFS tell stories

Even when that story is that a stick figure’s head blows up.

Today we are creating an animation from scratch, and exporting it as a GIF, so it is viewable on the internet. It is an awesome wild ride, and you are sure to learn a ton!

 Today’s Episode Timeline

  • 0:20 -Intro
  • 0:35 – This episode was suggested by David using our Suggest an Episode Form
  • 0:55 – Phlearn PRO Contest!
  • 2:10 – Creating a new document
  • 3:00 – Saying thank you to everyone on a photo shoot
  • 3:30 – Drawing a face
  • 4:30 – Make sure your layers don’t have transparent areas
  • 5:00 – Applying the Liquify filter
  • 5:30 – Repeating the process
  • 8:10 – Turning layers into frames
  • 8:45 – Converting to a frame animation
  • 10:00 – Adjusting the frame duration
  • 10:30 – Saving for the internet
  • 12:10 – Viewing your image on the internet
  • 12:40 – Adjusting playback

Sit Back & Enjoy!

phlearn pop

  • Photographybymel

    thanks that was cool. Plus, I totally love the idea for some new Phlearn pros. I recently watched the episode where your nephew was on the scales and I learnt a lot. So phlearns that cover info for wedding/ baby photography etc. would be amazing. I would be buying them!!

  • thepandabare

    Sweet I’m gonna go live on ebaums world for a little bit ;)

  • Conn Young

    I think he’s lost the plot guys, well and truly gone insane. I love it

  • janiecakes

    That was fun :)

    I like the idea about doing different kinds of Phlearn Pros. 

  • Nieprzenikalny

    I found out link to nice gif’s:
    and tutorial how make your own photo-gif:

  • Jc Vogt

    I came here to look for actions that I had to redownload into photoshop and I stumbled upon this. Long story short, I’ve been making GIFs for an hour now! Nice job!

  • thepandabare

    I’m interested in watching you work in your studio. Could you put up an episode similar? See how you use lights, work with models do your thang? ;)

  • Angela Butler

    I made a silly GIF sometime last year of me and my boyfriend having a couch cushion fight…haha we’re silly.
    I love it! :)

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  • Reality Enhanced

    VidGiffy ( ) lets you do just this.

    It’s a Windows 8 App that easily captures Animated Gifs from Videos

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