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Check out Phlearn’s Weekend Inspiration III

Jul 27

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For this weekend’s THIRD edition of weekend inspiration we are bringing 30 photos to you from different photographers, and different locations all around the world.

I hope these inspire you as much as they inspired us! Let us know your favorites, and please share your photos with us if they inspire you to shoot over the weekend!

Each week we gather the best photos from the web and put them in one place.
Click Here to view them all.

Good Morning by Suliman Almawash

365|365 by Austin Tott

The Ethereal Flying Garden by Dr. Akira TAKAUE

Equal by Mustafa Celikel

Untitled by Андрей Алешин

Silhouette by Alexander Khokhlov

Ritual by David Caballero

I is for instruments by Boy_Wonder (Joel David Mansfield Robison)

Falling Victim to Technology by Katharine Hannah

Covered by Kyle Anstey

On the Edge by Leszek Bujnowski

Untitled by yyellowbird

10/52 Falling into Grace with You by nikki chicoine

Untitled by Marina Refur

17th Birthday by Mike Bailey-Gates

Ritual by Andre Arment

Dancing Simone by Sally Jaeggin

Untitled by brianoldham

Untitled by joeribosma

Summer Dreamer by .bella.

somewhere under the rainbow by sickmundfraud

Normal by Laura Zalenga

Elecrify by Yulia ♫

Lying, in your attic by David Patrick Talley

La pasión by Marko Bizarro.

Contemporary by Amin Roshan Afshar

Flying on the Rooftops by Jen Bliss

Don’t Label Me by msJaydee

Beautiful old lady from Darap(Sikkim) village by Sukanto Debnath

controlling the lucid crash by Twig Capra

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  • Claude Laramee

    Inspiring indeed ! Have a creative weekend !

  • Leszek Bujnowski

    Thank you!

  • Shantel Crawford Rich

    Twig was one of the very first photographers I fav’d on Flickr when I first joined.  Her crisp, clean (but not always bright and happy) style was an instant draw for me. I knew nothing about PS at the time, but she motivated me to learn.  Once you are inspired by someone, they are in your brain, under your skin and inevitably you end up seeing a shadow of their inspiration pop up from time to time in your work.  I did this piece a few days ago.  When I saw you guys post this…I suddenly realized…hey…this shot is a little “Twigish” :)

  • Laura Zalenga

    Thank you so much for including my photo! :)

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  • David Caballero

    Awesome pictures. Thanks for the feature! David Caballero

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